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I will sell woolworths cards to you for 7% discount PM me
19/07/2017 - 20:46
i logged in and just hit confirm and both our accounts got 2000 points. i did it again and same message.....2000 points. interesting to see...
16/07/2017 - 10:47
Kris flyer only last for 3 years so was hoping that someone is getting close to that and also picking up anyone's small holdings.
14/07/2017 - 13:50
I have 56,000 qantas and 152,000 Velocity. I need 300,000 kris flyer.
11/07/2017 - 19:13
I need kris flyer miles. Do you have any and would you like to swap. i have 52000 qff points now and another 120000 in about 2 months time....
07/07/2017 - 21:45
I was wondering what sort of employee benefits you have that are OK to use for friends....(Oz Bargain community) I have 50% off of full...
07/07/2017 - 18:18
3 people, 2 adults working full time, 1 full time student When solar credits were 0.26 per kwh, 3 months for about $140 Now solar credits...
01/04/2017 - 21:51
PM me with your referral code. Thanks!
31/03/2017 - 22:06
after you join commsec just type in the stock code. You can also join ASX and take a look around there. Click on news, announcements,...
31/03/2017 - 19:13
register with commsec, first 10 trades free. Research medical marijuana stocks. MMJ, MXC, ZLD, CPH, AC8, CMY. I'm up approx 45K on 120K...
31/03/2017 - 17:31
PM enabled
17/03/2017 - 23:28
I have the platinum edge card. I can sell you the flights for $200. Virgin.
17/03/2017 - 22:31
Harvey norman offer of spend 300 get 100 is not valid for apple products. If you did get it well done!
26/12/2016 - 22:36
Leather will stretch and soften over time. If kept in direct sun light it will also fade. I am in Quality control at the DC and I can tell...
24/12/2016 - 17:42
I'm sure the school would be getting some sort of kick back. The school also loads applications onto the computer so it would make sense to...
18/12/2016 - 17:00
[@PVA](/comment/4284052/redir): Thanks for the info and thanks for offering to answer any future questions that i'm sure I will have. Very...
18/12/2016 - 16:53
Agreed but after having a closer look at it, it does look to be well made and easy to use. I haven't even touched one until today.
17/12/2016 - 23:05
Must be a Mac. We dont live in the school zone for RMHC The school is popular and if we didnt get him in he would be going to a private...
17/12/2016 - 23:02
Roma Mitchel High School in Adelaide. Its a public school
17/12/2016 - 18:24
Just went to Myer to buy this for my son....school requirement. $100 off ALL Mac computers. We used our 2 X Westfield gift cards bought...
17/12/2016 - 15:56
I'm also with Lumo in SA. It is worth noting that Lumo apply the 15% discount over the entire bill, not just usage. For anyone with solar...
24/06/2016 - 20:46
Same happened to me today at Hollywood plaza South australia. Self checkout, asked the attendant about this and she said that she had no...
30/04/2016 - 19:25
woolworths have the DVD for $20 this week in the catalogue, scan your rewards card and get $10 woolworths dollars. So $10 after discounts!!
12/04/2016 - 20:34
BLR and Freedom are owned by Steinhoff Asia Pacific. I have a BLR Auditorium set and it is comfortable, well made and have not had any...
11/04/2016 - 20:00
Hey I feel for you! We lent $2000 to my sons school friends parents who had to get money together to return to Hungary. His wife couldn't...
10/05/2015 - 21:28
Thanks for the post. It works on an iPad also!
21/04/2015 - 22:08
Buy nespresso machine, around $250. Milk frother is excellent, coffee capsules are a little pricey, cheapest is .65 each. If you want...
16/03/2015 - 19:21
Lycamobile is $19 per month, unlimited mobile, landline and SMS. Also 5 gigs of data http://www.lycamobile.com.au/en/super-saver-plan
22/02/2015 - 23:10
I always use cheaptravelinsurance.com.au They cover a wide range of things and as the name suggests it cheap! I made a medical claim from a...
08/02/2015 - 14:04
I have just read what air Asia has sent to my friend and he has not read the information correctly. They are offering to change his...
15/12/2014 - 21:51