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Will be shucking :)
28/12/2021 - 22:40
28/12/2021 - 22:40
Thanks! Unfortunately delivery seems late January which is a bit late in the tooth for me... Also techfast seems to get mixed reviews on...
28/12/2021 - 21:29
32GB is OK but can always consider more!
28/12/2021 - 21:28
Will do. I'm not sure Ill get DDR5 but potentially can go 64 if I can offset the price of the video card a bit. What are your thoughts of...
28/12/2021 - 21:28
Hello all, I'm looking for some build advice for a $3500 build I will not be gaming or overclocking but do rely on some real-time rendering...
28/12/2021 - 18:10
This looks great, I only wish I could have my own case instead of theirs
18/12/2021 - 07:45
Perfect, thank you mate. No reasons for the PSU other than good reviews. The Case I'm open on, just as long as it's quiet. Thanks for the...
09/12/2021 - 22:57
Thanks. How does something like this compare? Which has a 3080 but ideally none of the other components I'm after. I could upgrade the RAM...
05/12/2021 - 23:17
Air cooled and at idle. I don't mind some fan noise, but my current PC is just very loud hence I'd like to swing that the other way a...
05/12/2021 - 23:16
It would be okay, but typically in the cad work we are using Enscape for real-time rendering which is very much akin to a gaming engine. My...
05/12/2021 - 23:13
Eek, I was kind of hoping this would last me 2 years before upgrading. This is where I have got too: PCPartPicker Part List:...
05/12/2021 - 17:00
I'm not too upto date with the current hardware but would be more than happy with an AMD build!
05/12/2021 - 16:48
Hello Crew, My PC is quite old. Current specs: ASUS p8Z68-V Pro i7-2600k @ 3.4 ghz Zalman CNPS10X G Skill 16G (2x8G) DDR3 1600MHZ Sapphire...
05/12/2021 - 15:39
A nice sale, but a shame you can't get even get a full groupset together as nothings in stock.
28/07/2021 - 11:25
Has anyone actually managed to get their order fulfilled? I called Sony, they've pushed my fulfillment date back to August 2nd! I was...
13/07/2021 - 10:51
winning my dude
05/07/2021 - 22:31
Pretty good price, if it's been serviced regularly, that's not very much for a Honda at all. Check to see if has the Spark Knock issue...
05/07/2021 - 22:28
Good point! 10k worth of experiences :)
05/07/2021 - 22:26
CP2 so non-euro unfortunetly. Last of the great Euros were 2008-2012!
05/07/2021 - 22:26
Honda Accord, always serviced by me, comfortable, quality. It's reaching the 12 year mark and has 130k which is baby years for a K24...
05/07/2021 - 10:07
Thanks. I had the same issue with the latest build. It would endlessly loop.
06/06/2021 - 18:04
cwong, what Andorid 10 OS are you running? I had a 6P running Pixel Experience but it broke with the all the magisk updates and the like.
30/05/2021 - 20:08
Hi guys, giving up on my Android device with magisk. What's the cheapest iPhone that currently works? 6s or 8?
01/05/2021 - 21:19
I had braces when I was a young kid. They gave me a permanent bottom metal wire and nothing else My dentist had noticed a can't had...
17/04/2021 - 07:30
So are magisk choppers working with Android Phones atm? If so, what OS?
21/03/2021 - 23:24
Pixel 4 user. Have had Nexus 4, Nexus 6P and then this big jump to the Pixel 4. The software experience is great and a form factor between...
21/03/2021 - 09:34
Seemed to kill my OS. Are you using Lineage? Looks like Iphone might be the way to go for fututre fuel locks!
14/03/2021 - 11:57