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Hello, The verification method we use is 3D Secure via Visa or Mastercard, so it should have worked on our site no matter where you are in…
06/07/2015 - 23:40
LIKE & SHARE to WIN the Special Edition Brita Marella Water Filter Jug with 6 Months Filter Supply! We will give away 10 of these to 10…
24/06/2015 - 23:43
Hi Guys, Due to the popularity of the Special Edition Pack of BRITA Marella with 6 Months Filter Supply, we're giving away 10 of these…
24/06/2015 - 23:38
Yours must be one of the first to have arrived!
27/05/2015 - 06:19
Please allow around 10 -15 days. Some parcels are in different planes, vans, trailers and mail bags.. so they don't all arrive and are…
27/05/2015 - 06:18
Yes we still have a limited quantity left in the deal.
22/05/2015 - 19:23
We've received your email and will reply within the next hour.
22/05/2015 - 19:22
[@eviledward](/comment/2766411/redir): Hey, All of these special packs are 100% brand new and sealed from the Brita factory in Germany so…
21/05/2015 - 23:07
Hi guys, It's now almost 8pm here and the team have just finished packing and dispatching over 500 of your orders which were placed within…
20/05/2015 - 04:53
It ends this weekend or whenever we've sold out - whichever comes first. Enjoy! The Ozaroo Team
20/05/2015 - 03:17
[@Bargain Seeker](/comment/2761968/redir): Absolutely correct. Although at this price you're basically getting a free jug, so you might…
19/05/2015 - 23:58
We don't wait around! Thanks for buying! The Ozaroo Team
19/05/2015 - 21:06
Hi jxcouture, We're in the process of dispatching all orders, so it may be too late to cancel the order. If you urgently email us to our…
19/05/2015 - 21:03
BRITA Maxtra filters produce up to 100 litres of filtered water per filter. Enjoy! The Ozaroo Team
19/05/2015 - 20:56
Hi Juice08, We're glad to say that the BRITA Marella with 6 filters is one our bestsellers and we've shipped over 10,000 jugs to our…
19/05/2015 - 19:52
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