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This is expired but for perspective $290 got me a dual motor 140cm desk that has been excellent since January......
27/06/2022 - 20:15
Can't say but I bought a battery around 4 months ago from them and the price was as listed then.
26/06/2022 - 16:30
[SA] Peter and Rick's in Payneham is $165 fitted everyday: Really nice guys.
25/06/2022 - 19:52
Looks nice. [OT] Does anyone have any resources/links for how to fix steering problems? I bought an A959...
19/06/2022 - 20:15
Re fridges: yep, a retailer told me that Samsung fridges have a high return rate.
23/04/2022 - 14:40
Tldr: xbull pretty good for occasional/amateurs. Not as good as maxtrax (stacking, less flexible, longevity, possibly UV resistance, from...
18/04/2022 - 19:56
So from all these posts, it seems that you don't save unless you use electricity off peak and there's potential to get hit hard if you use...
15/04/2022 - 07:30
Found some info. Hope it's right:
19/03/2022 - 08:50
Has anyone found the program for Adelaide? Or anywhere else?
19/03/2022 - 08:12
Ok, thanks. They came out for my neighbour's nbn HFC a couple of weeks ago so I assumed it wouldn't work for me until they came out....
12/03/2022 - 18:40
There's a cable splitter in the box. Is it worth a try to run both my NBN cable and Bigpond cable at the same time until Bigpond switch me...
12/03/2022 - 08:46
Thank you for such a detailed response. Sorry, I got logged out of ozb and didn't notice that someone had responded. You are right....
12/03/2022 - 08:42
Hi, help sought please. I'm wondering if I should have answered yes to more's modem offering. I've been on cable internet for years but...
05/03/2022 - 21:53
Our em500 stopped pumping after a week or two hiatus. I pulled it apart and fixed it and no problems over the last year or so. Yay.
10/02/2022 - 22:22
Sounds like ozb site needs an extra button/easier save function
09/02/2022 - 19:42
I don't think that the fleet of vehicles would be there if it wasn't for making profit. I.e. if the cost of running a large fleet was not...
07/02/2022 - 21:43
I don't know how relevant the conversion is for folks on minimum wage as their disposable income would be so low as to have little capacity...
07/02/2022 - 21:38
Just sharing my results. Doing a test your self should ideally remove biases that other tests may have (i.e. favouring a product). I have a...
23/01/2022 - 15:06
Agree, I only have information available from the test that I did and that didn't include the Bowden's product. I thought my information...
23/01/2022 - 14:27
My test says that you are wrong! :-) Still beads well after 12 months whereas other two sheet and stay wet. Now, if you mean that it beads...
23/01/2022 - 14:07
Hunter Express must have seen my post because I still don't have the second package. ETA: Delivered by the 7th of January! Lucky I'm not in...
22/01/2022 - 22:21
Ok, so not everyone is going to like this... If you are the kind of person that thinks a Weber q is the only way to cook a bbq or you have...
22/01/2022 - 21:21
These guys use Hunter Express - that's not a good thing in my experience!
20/01/2022 - 17:55
Ah, Hunter Express... Delivered to the wrong address and called it done! No way to contact them to rectify because I am not an account...
15/01/2022 - 19:21
Nothing delivered yet. No update on delivery since the 10th on Hunter Express tracking page. Slowest truck to Adelaide ever! :-(
14/01/2022 - 10:50
My eBay order went in on first and estimated delivery is now 11th to Adelaide burb
06/01/2022 - 08:59
[SA] for those on the east side of Adelaide wanting a century battery these guys are a bunch cheaper than most:...
08/12/2021 - 21:33
Actually, I'm not here to convince you and there's a decent chance that you are trolling to my mind. Am I certain that the vaccine is 100%...
10/09/2021 - 19:36