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[@Holysmoke](/comment/4571179/redir): sweet thanks!
01/04/2017 - 15:02
[@DrDuck](/comment/4566096/redir): i'll check powershop thanks!
31/03/2017 - 16:08
How do you get the discount?
29/03/2017 - 17:18
I rarely took the bus, but I tried to thank the tram driver my first year in melb (1999) and was told told to "just hurry up mate". Never...
25/03/2017 - 13:46
Combine this with IFTTT and it basically can do anything you can think of (not just home automation). It also works beautifully with...
21/03/2017 - 20:38
I just dont have the time to make the bread, do you set it with a timer so it will start around midnight? And where do you source good...
21/03/2017 - 20:35
Breadmaker, what was I thinking
21/03/2017 - 12:16
Plumbing apprenticeship​, you can make good money I think. I should know, my plumber charged me more than my accountant and almost as...
17/03/2017 - 19:52
I know museums in some SEA countries are cheaper if you show them local ID, this is because you pay income/local taxes (dont laugh) which...
20/02/2017 - 13:49
The night skies are breathtakingly beautiful during Nyepi as there is no light polution, and most of the sounds are from frogs and crickets...
18/02/2017 - 15:30
Viderzo was awarded a badge.
10/02/2017 - 13:40
39 episodes of DB, so that is basically 1 fight scene right? Childhood memories :)
10/02/2017 - 09:36
[@voter1](/comment/4402231/redir): Seagate seems to have a bigger share of disk failure though. I had 4 seagates drive all died on me. I...
30/01/2017 - 23:09
Jailbreaking then changing IMEI is illegal in Australia so I don't recommend you doing it despite the simplicity of doing so ;)
23/01/2017 - 07:56
Come on man, you need to think bigger. The laziest way out is to quit your job, no more parking fine, problem solved!!
19/01/2017 - 05:58
wowzer, you are showing a level of power trip not even a couple of days into your (temporary) role. I agree with the others, you will...
10/01/2017 - 14:56
Viderzo was awarded a badge.
08/01/2017 - 08:43
Free?? Damnit just bought it for $10 from a door to door salesman, he said it was a bargain!! :D
07/01/2017 - 21:22
Easy, Get some of these little fellas: rat problem solved! PS: make sure you spread them around...
20/12/2016 - 09:33
Those public access points can still make phone calls? (Serious question) Anyway good on you Telstra
19/12/2016 - 19:20
Beautiful story, play this game just for the poem fragments alone.
15/12/2016 - 09:22
Looks like it doesn't work with Android Chrome. Used my iPhone and works like a charm
23/11/2016 - 16:57
This^, fairly or unfairly; Seagate hdds have a reputation for being unreliable. I had a total of 4 Seagate HDDs the last 10 years and they...
22/11/2016 - 18:34
Double down burger
12/11/2016 - 22:10
Move to SF Be a janitor :)
07/11/2016 - 17:02
IObit Uninstaller 6 Pro - FREE @ WindowsDeal
Saw this in my inbox. I still use IOBit Uninstaller 3 as I found them easy to use when cleaning up PC from leftover crap
25/10/2016 - 22:10
I once received 5 nuggets when I bought a 6 McNuggets pack, does that count?
24/10/2016 - 13:13
I am too afraid to ask you how can one sniff one's own butt :)
13/10/2016 - 13:52
PSA: Google is going to announce the new version of Chromecast tomorrow
03/10/2016 - 21:09