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Called all my local targets and they had all their stock/s bought up first thing, looks like scalpers are following the Americans way of...
07/04/2021 - 13:55
is there any chance more units will be coming at this price point?
13/10/2020 - 16:41
On the websites banner "above 50% off on all products" the page for this product clearly advertises only 50% off (sans code). To be honest...
10/08/2019 - 21:27
That's completely incorrect, there are tonnes of independent Australian owned and/or operated breweries.
12/06/2019 - 16:12
The menu change is happening tomorrow with change over 'first thing' accord to the rep I chatted with, so I'd hold off till then in case...
20/03/2019 - 18:08
Anyone have any recommendations for buying through the US site to save some dollarydoos? Trying to use Paypal but i think there's regional...
16/11/2018 - 10:17
I went to the brisbane city store, I can't really do that, plus it's only 30 bucks
12/10/2018 - 13:59
Price is even cheaper now, they've dropped it to $1062 for a $1008.90 pricematch
12/10/2018 - 13:35
yeah, cheers mate for the fantastic price. My old phone was on its last legs
12/10/2018 - 11:04
Can confirm this does work, called up and they specifically stated the frequencies were different to indicate they're different models but...
12/10/2018 - 09:43
I thought they match grey importers now as of
11/10/2018 - 14:07
any chance anyone has a code they aren't going to use?
24/08/2018 - 16:44
[@Smigit](/comment/6275152/redir): Mine's the same, especially if it's launch day. Last time they matched it and let me know before I could...
20/08/2018 - 10:02
[@Tech and cars](/comment/5773775/redir): How has their pricing been for the extra 8GB though?
24/03/2018 - 13:48
If you anonymously put the docket on the boss' desk, how is he going to know to refund YOU $5 instead of just refunding $2.06 to everyone?
28/02/2018 - 17:32
Do you have a lower chance of being targeted if you haven't sold anything before?
20/10/2017 - 10:36
They say VF but they aren't locked, they just have 1 or 2 voda apps. I bought a 'voda' z2 and it had 1 voda app on it
13/12/2014 - 20:56
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