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Located in Mel , just checked the app , assuming it's not available in Victoria.
07/09/2021 - 10:30
compare to Aldi or Big W 's cheap brand, their 70 inch is about $800, I guess Hisense got better quality?
05/08/2021 - 11:55
maybe silly to ask: for those Myer gift cards - could I pay with Coles master gift card?
19/07/2021 - 15:14
good deal, but sadly out of stock online and my local Kmart
26/06/2021 - 11:20
lets see what happens when promo starts
14/06/2021 - 16:53
normally those run out fast, so dont wait, get them on the first day
13/06/2021 - 15:42
sounds like 20-25% off for $150 spend, but cant use gift cards!!! ahhh
08/06/2021 - 12:37
lol the gift card page is really slow, too many people buying I guess
01/06/2021 - 14:43
did not see the page under ShopBack Super Store at 2pm, any instructions?
18/05/2021 - 14:29
stick with xiaomi for that reason!
12/05/2021 - 17:00
just noticed 50*face masks option added, not sure that is part of the freebies?
11/05/2021 - 11:31
If I sign up the plan and sell the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB for $1060, basically I use the 150GB data plan for free? missing something?
03/04/2021 - 16:48
not many, but yes, I notice they exist only when they giving out free pizzas
08/02/2021 - 15:14
way too cheap!!! real bargain, but I guess you wont find it anywhere now.
20/01/2021 - 14:01
do we have a conclusion of this video? sorry to say it was really sleepy one, 26min long......I only just wanted a freezer lol
19/12/2020 - 14:27
didnt work for me anyway, the donation can be part of tax deduction I guess... still a win
14/12/2020 - 11:11
as per terms and conditions, yes, it worked for all gift cards but Westfields as I known of.
09/12/2020 - 12:12
ZIP PAY Saturdays!
09/12/2020 - 10:04
at Big W and Coles they all gone before end of the 1st day don't think the gift cards will last to Saturday, I mean - don't think about the...
07/12/2020 - 18:06
only works if they have the gift cards in stock...
06/12/2020 - 12:43
Thursday morning 9am, Southland Big W (VIC), none left
04/12/2020 - 06:27
was that price for the XXL? sounds good!
01/12/2020 - 21:03
before the deal started, it was 700 something sold , could be sold sometime earlier this month not today, not sure what happened, anyway I...
29/11/2020 - 12:17
mine is too, it will be ok after a few minutes, same happened when I got the switch, I guess just too many people pay at the same time
29/11/2020 - 12:06