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Great that you’ve got the artists ok and are promoting them. It’s rare 👍🏼
16/10/2021 - 17:50
I have one like that, not Kogan branded but from looking at it they came from the same factory. At fully extended it bows in the middle...
06/06/2021 - 00:45
just had a Toshiba drive die on me half an hour ago, absolute garbage. Now looking on OzB for a reliable replacement.
24/11/2020 - 00:04
I’ve sold on there, the verification of authenticity took forever so it seems they take it seriously (or they lost one of my parcels for...
06/11/2020 - 23:14
Site doesn't work with PayPal? Tried placing the order multiple times and completes fine at PP end, then get returned to gearbest with...
29/10/2020 - 11:50
is it possible to put a turbo head on this model?
13/10/2020 - 15:38
These bins are terrible. The twist means when you go to empty it and stand up holding where you've just cut, it untwists and all the...
13/10/2020 - 00:12
so is this only for diesels? our petrol auto has major lag before the turbo kicks in, it's doing my head in.
15/07/2020 - 00:16
Antler usually have a 10yr warranty, so maybe check their site. Our luggage has been mishandled on many trips leading to broken handles &...
29/05/2020 - 02:09
$270 purchase was denied by a manager, who asked if this receipt was off OZB, I said yes (because, honesty). He offered $295, which I...
29/09/2019 - 22:19
Foil on cling wrap I’ve never heard of, we usually wrap it in a plastic bag but I guess the effect is the same?
29/08/2019 - 23:45
Get this to spray well without stencils (freehand) and they’d move by the truckload. Copic used to sell something similar back in the day...
29/08/2019 - 23:40
> Apple is more Steve-like than ever. Everything they're doing is straight out of the classic Steve playbook. This is simply untrue. Steve...
21/07/2018 - 03:27
I'm 68kg and found side sleeping great, I think most "mattress in a box" should come with a few guidelines: Pillow size may need to be...
24/08/2017 - 12:11
$350 off Mattresses  @ Lazy Bed - Single $400, Double $500, Queen $600, King $700 - Free Delivery
The same as previous deals, $350 off mattress - Single $400, Double $500, Queen $600, King $700. 125 day return policy, a medium-firm...
24/08/2017 - 01:09
This one has three firmness levels to choose from (albeit starting at medium) so as long as you don't want a soft mattress you should be...
24/08/2017 - 00:54
[@bti_jet](/comment/4505897/redir): Word is they've run out of some components so manufacturing has ceased for this model.
09/03/2017 - 10:34
I had a K i7 fail a few years back and it was a month or two out of warranty, the built in graphics crapped itself. Had to explain the Aus...
08/01/2017 - 14:03
I actually did this in my late teens for about 2 years. I drank 2-3ltrs/day, I didn't drink water either. I'm now in my mid 30's with zero...
05/09/2016 - 00:34
They were real, I actually bought them from two different stores. I've heard of quite a few of them leaking from the lightning connector...
25/11/2015 - 21:44
BUYER BEWARE! Bought two of these a while back, one for iPhone 4, the other iPhone 6. When the phone gets hot the glue seal around the...
25/11/2015 - 00:03
How do you enter the code?
10/07/2015 - 14:56
[@mcp2kpro](/comment/2870824/redir): all good ;)
03/07/2015 - 12:46
of course, but he said he was going OS so delivery didn't seem like an option.
30/06/2015 - 23:57
JB have quoted me around this in the past, if you're close to a JB just ask them to match it ;)
29/06/2015 - 23:37
best price i was quoted on this lens locally was in a JB, $2200 from memory (if anyone still really wants one).
29/06/2015 - 23:23
Don't know intergrain sorry, the paints were untinted but you could get them tinted as they had many different base types on Saturday...
29/06/2015 - 10:06
i was there around 2:30 and there was stacks of oil, more than they'd sell in a day, i'm sure if you rang them first thing tomorrow you...
28/06/2015 - 23:07