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i meant ditto to the question > How is Jabra compare with Soundpeats? Like Truengine 3 SE?
22/07/2021 - 15:59
If you read this OP, i made a further order but happy if you guys combine them for postage.. Orders: 000007537 & 000007616 Also sent a msg...
19/07/2021 - 14:31
doesn't for me. The 1/2kg option is $22.50 though
19/07/2021 - 14:15
thx OP.. Order #: 7537 - 2x ea of this deal & the 1/2kg deal.. Just over $90 for nearly 2kg's of jerky delivered.. Winning..
19/07/2021 - 14:12
that's what i did but YMMV, depends when the sim you purchase expires i suppose.
14/07/2021 - 18:36
mine have only 1 filter included.
14/07/2021 - 14:50
closest i can get is Chatswood & i'm in the opposite end of Sydney. Spewing, got a cpl last deal but need more for work. Not sure how...
14/07/2021 - 14:35
mine was expiring in a few days when i did it, not sure how long they will activate for if you have 6 mths left, call & ask prior to...
14/07/2021 - 14:18
YMMV but chat or call & tell them you purchased thinking it was a recharge voucher, they *should* add it to your account. Worked for me cpl...
13/07/2021 - 20:31
tried & confirm working.. Cheers & kudos to Yeahbabi @ WP Setting Kodi repo's up now..
10/07/2021 - 18:48
100%.. Give them a warning, if that isn't heeded, pull over then tell 'em their walking..
08/07/2021 - 17:06
Grabbed these, much more diversity. Cheers.
04/07/2021 - 11:43
green ginger also works well in a schooner!
03/07/2021 - 17:16
its an IEC cord, same as any computer or kettle cord..
03/07/2021 - 12:44
Cheap irons are never good! I purchased 1 of these cpl weeks back for the sole purpose of using it as a dedicated Hot-air rework (SMD)...
03/07/2021 - 12:42
Yum, just poured about a teaspoon full of no10 with a tin of 'Dynamite Hot' Stagg chilli, now it has the zing i like!
28/06/2021 - 18:47
a what? What's a dalek Poppy? jk, i know a dalek when i see 1..
27/06/2021 - 19:46
back in stock @$10.95 though, still a decent price..
27/06/2021 - 18:30
yep, that shit is nasty.. Went looking for the ultra but cheapest i can find is like $60 + US delivery, fark that for a joke.. Just eat a...
27/06/2021 - 18:23
update: Blair's has nothing on Da Bomb - Ground Zero..! Dipped the toothpick straight in, hardly any bite from the Blair's, Da Bomb gives u...
27/06/2021 - 11:45
That was the original deal post but they went OOS shortly after posting, so i ninja changed the product.. The 10-22x are the actual pair i...
25/06/2021 - 20:31
i reckon ur link is a better deal IMHO as the batteries are 4amp instead of 1.5Amp + the hard case is always a better option..
24/06/2021 - 21:35