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Hi all, we're giving away a Sony Cyber-Shot HX20 digital camera valued at $449 on our blog. To enter, like the Facebook Page then submit a...
09/06/2012 - 14:37
Did my comment sound like a complaint? You seriously need to chill out a bit. I was just alerting people not familiar with flying budget...
10/06/2011 - 20:18
Be warned - Jetstar have changed their structure and now charge extra for everything! My $29 flights quickly became $55 each - here's what...
10/06/2011 - 15:11
kizza was awarded a badge.
19/01/2011 - 11:00
I sent a complaint last night via email - got the following response: "Our records show that you are eligible for the promotion and will be...
05/11/2010 - 09:03
It adds a $2.01 discount as you proceed with the order, making delivery $7.99. I don't see the point of doing it like that, but that's how...
28/10/2010 - 14:51
Anyone who's waiting on their refund make any progress? I'm still waiting... argh!
27/10/2010 - 14:40
Seems everyone who has gotten a refund so far was for the full $50... I'm only expecting $35 back, is everyone else who is still waiting in...
15/10/2010 - 13:46
No refund for me yet - also used eBay app on Android. Hmm...
15/10/2010 - 09:16
Just bought myself an Apple Magic Mouse. Used the eBay for Android app and after pressing 'Buy It Now', I was prompted to pay by Paypal. It...
24/09/2010 - 12:06
Oh the free mascot nearly got me over the edge.... not! Hardly a bargain, there are plenty of designers out there offering much better...
11/08/2010 - 14:16
I just went and got mine... tell ya what though, I've never seen such a sour lady as the one that served me. Guessing she might've been the...
20/07/2010 - 10:53
Nice one! 13 minutes left for free delivery! Hopefully it gets here before Friday!
21/12/2009 - 11:47
Booked myself a trip to Sydney next month, and my parent's Xmas gift is now sorted - a $400 hotel room for $50! Brilliant!
11/11/2009 - 15:10
Gotta laugh at the file name while you're waiting - delaytactics.png. How long does it take? I'm still waiting for mine.
06/11/2009 - 20:47
Thanks Scotty! :)
13/08/2009 - 23:39
UBank USaver High Interest Savings Account - 5.11%p.a.
They are offering 5.11%p.a. variable rate on their new USaver High Interest Savings Account. About USaver Get a great rate, and the...
06/08/2009 - 13:12
Nice to see the only sizes available are Large and Extra Large... story of my life!
14/05/2009 - 20:37
Postage isn't cheap... $33 to Victoria. Definitely a good price if you can pick it up, but that postage cost has changed my mind on...
06/05/2009 - 14:10
Lucky timing! We tried Camberwell at 1:00pm and the lines were huge.. would have been at least 20 people and a long wait, so we went to...
24/04/2009 - 18:58
Delivery is $20 to Victoria - brings it up to $159.85. If you are purchasing online, be aware that there is also a 2%-3% credit card...
20/02/2009 - 16:36
Hear, hear!
02/02/2009 - 21:08
This is all about US though - FICO scores, 401(k), HELOC... though if you're lucky, you might be able to find something useful! :)
09/01/2009 - 19:20
So you save 10% by mentioning OzBargain?
13/11/2008 - 18:59
Haha... good luck on pulling a couple! :)
09/11/2008 - 13:48
Free membership to what club? The only link on your page goes to an Under Construction page, so there's no bargain here. Looks more like an...
09/11/2008 - 00:28
Bit harsh there... Saving $1 on a pizza every week equals $50 a year. Even more if the saving is higher. If it's such a big deal, take...
07/11/2008 - 00:21
They're not free bets - you have to deposit money before you get the credits!
02/11/2008 - 12:39
Not this again! There's definitely room on OzBargain for these posts as some of us do actually venture outside the borders! I personally...
30/10/2008 - 01:41
I'm a bit skeptical - I used to work at Dan Murphy's and NOBODY got discounts, not even staff... and never did I process a discount card...
30/10/2008 - 00:15