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Velocity Frequent Flyer

What to Do with Velocity Points? Trying to Earn Gold

Hi, I have about 65k velocity points and this is steadily increasing with credit card / flybuys conversion. Am waiting for a good offer on the Amex Explorer which I will transfer the points to …

First time buying a phone outright (eBay) - concerns

Hi Just purchased this phone off ebay (Galaxy S7) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S7-SM-G930F-4G-LTE...? I wanted australian stock / manufacturers warrenty, and no branding. After …

French Open Tennis streaming

Anyone know a website that will be streaming the French Open Tennis final tomorrow? I don't have Foxtel and can't figure out how I can watch it. Happy to pay, but freebie is even better!