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These QC35s have been out for like half a decade now. $300 is a ridiculous price for them
26/11/2020 - 12:38
Jesus $19 for a splitter cable? What do these cost like 10c to produce?
24/10/2020 - 08:13
Define point. If you have your PC with a window and on your desk, you want it to look pretty. We pay a premium for aesthetics everyday for...
16/10/2020 - 10:34
This is a very disappointing product unfortunately. The RGB strips are basically just a set of extra wires on top of the 24-pin which makes...
16/10/2020 - 10:29
Same experience here. Very happy with it. Aesthetics looks very good as well. Given the price I shouldn't really complain but here goes...
15/10/2020 - 17:37
15/10/2020 - 17:24
That's the point though right? It doesn't matter as much if you make a bad decision (Also bad is subjective). It matters if you're the kind...
14/10/2020 - 18:01
I had not seen that screenshot but the scam in that is they're comparing Apples and Oranges. I think H series have pretty good iGPUs and...
14/10/2020 - 16:25
The x570 and the case are overkill imo. You can easily slash $200 off of this build by going with a $200 Mobo and a $100 case. The PSU is...
14/10/2020 - 15:34
Budget, budget and budget! That's really the only thing it comes down to. Generally for almost all normal use cases, an x570 is an overkill...
14/10/2020 - 15:19
If all the promises from AMD hold up which they usually do, since they're not charlatans like Intel marketing, 5000 series is going to be...
14/10/2020 - 15:13
Thought it would apply to cart as well. So was looking at the wrong place. Thanks
13/10/2020 - 12:14
800ml is still coming up as $4.65 for me
13/10/2020 - 12:13
I have used AMD for the past 5 years exclusively and will still do but value-wise for someone who's conscious of their budget intel has...
09/10/2020 - 18:39
What is this guy talking about? Send help
16/09/2020 - 19:21
Are you sure you're alright mate? What does my comment have anything to do with some idiot saying 3080 is gonna be $800. Get a grip. 3070...
16/09/2020 - 19:15
I am not liking the leaks and rumours, to be honest. I was hoping Big Navi is gonna be a happy medium between 3080 and 3090 but it might...
16/09/2020 - 18:40
Who the hell ever said 3080 would be $800? You're confusing your GPUs mate. That's the 3070 due for release later in the month. There is...
16/09/2020 - 18:38
Scummy AIBs and scummier 3rd part sellers
16/09/2020 - 18:34
Everyone likes to shit on Kogan but this keyboard actually feels very solid and sturdy. Been using it for a couple of years and never had a...
15/09/2020 - 11:43
People on this site are just plain dumb smh When a brand new card with better PCB, better support, better design, better literally...
11/09/2020 - 10:33
Even if $750 it isn't worth it
11/09/2020 - 10:10
Anyone who's got this, can you please go to the following to links and report the results?
07/09/2020 - 14:51
I ordered off AliExpress. Unfortunately, I think the shipping times have become quite prohibitive due to Covid. An example...
07/09/2020 - 13:52
Really happy with these after 4 years. The plastic on my earpads started peeling off badly after 4 years so I ordered a new pair for $15....
07/09/2020 - 12:56
It's hilarious to see people trying to offload their 1080TIs for $1000 on FB right now hahaha
02/09/2020 - 14:25
Can I get a (profanity) private health cover?
24/08/2020 - 22:30
As mentioned not all m2 slots support NVMe having to cable manage the long-ass Sata power connector and another Sata data connector is a...
20/08/2020 - 19:44
You're right. I must be mistaken. It probably was only running at 3800 and not 3866. 1900 is not a hard limit tho. If you've really won the...
20/08/2020 - 14:09