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Sounds like that "pressurised water technology" that the Metropolitan / Mr Emergency / Upside Down / Cyber crew like to put on their…
22/01/2024 - 16:28
If you have duck weed in your aquarium, you also have duck weed everywhere else to. It's like the herpes of waterways. Source: have an…
15/01/2024 - 12:55
It'll just be some rebadged something else right?
17/11/2023 - 09:23
He probably realised it was slow, uncomfortable, and didn't perform any better than a cheap modern offering.
23/09/2023 - 07:07
That overcharge amount is off by a factor of 10 based on the reviews you see of their various other company names.…
30/08/2023 - 17:27
Total rip off mob who are great at gaming SEO. Hard to find legitimate reviews, but when you do... phew lad.
30/08/2023 - 17:24
This looks like it would be good for spotting non-compliant works. You could look at this, What a shemozzle.
29/07/2023 - 17:52
I bought one 5'ish years ago. Can't remember the exact model, but an 8 channel NVR-something model and 4 camera pack. Archaic everything…
28/06/2023 - 09:05
"You get what you pay for!", and other famous lies
27/06/2023 - 16:53
These things are universally terrible. The interior lights glow slightly when they're meant to be off, number plate lights flicker when…
15/06/2023 - 08:42
Australia's favourite beer! Source: I'm American
12/06/2023 - 14:36
I'm 125KG and 6ft-something. No real budget cause I'm baller (lol yeah no), but I don't plan on using it to commute daily or anything so…
29/05/2023 - 08:57
Any recommendations for a fatty who wants to use it on grass / dirt / gravel? Was going to go with a Dragon GTR V2 since it seems like…
28/05/2023 - 18:07
If you find a friend with a fresh water tank, they will likely pay you to take a couple of their snails. Source: Many tanks. Many, many…
22/05/2023 - 11:32
Go bigger. I reckon you need a mower rated at twice the size you need as their ratings are usually optimistic, and/or based on the unit…
16/05/2023 - 16:53
RGB... chair? y tho?
12/05/2023 - 09:28
I vote that all refurb computer deals must now have their price listed in "packets of TimTams"
08/05/2023 - 08:33
I ended up buying one, cause my 7 year old "gaming" PC is probably ready to take on something more graphically challenging than TF2. Any…
23/02/2023 - 15:06
Very good price. For a home bar or small cafe they're great and look very pro. Way noisier than a domestic fridge, but they usually aren't…
09/02/2023 - 11:05
Say what you like about Liebherr appliances, at least they're expensive.
05/01/2023 - 15:55
I have a 10,000mah power brick from whatever that Z-something brand is on Amazon everyone loves. That power brick with a USB C charging…
17/11/2022 - 13:16
As in you wanted to install APKs from other sources? My needs are met by whats on the Play Store (which I suspect is the same for 99.9% of…
17/11/2022 - 13:12
These things are fantastic for basic office tasks on the go. I used one for a 2 day training course, and with a 10,000mah battery I had my…
17/11/2022 - 09:26
Office Works pricing error in July
14/11/2022 - 10:38
Still not as good as the S22 Ultra 512GB for $1067 :P
14/11/2022 - 09:40