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ATAR = 0 did a uni pathway, which i did well in the degree getting a HD average, now a contractor in IT.
14/08/2021 - 14:48
03/07/2021 - 16:34
we buy cheaper cuts like roasts and slice them myself can get it down to $10kg or have a look online some wholesalers offer it for a lot...
30/06/2021 - 22:37
Not enough to cover the expense of 7 kids....... Also a lot of the payments are mean tested, i think if you earn <$250 a couple a week you...
30/06/2021 - 22:28
Congrats with the 7 kids! Tough work indeed, washing must be a bloody nightmare! Biggest questions i have, What time do you go to sleep?...
30/06/2021 - 22:20
Your partner won't get parenting payment too high income. Family tax payments A and B also would be reduced due to the income. All other...
30/06/2021 - 10:26
As most people didn't actually read past the first line in your post... Take the wife out camping and show her where you want to ride would...
31/05/2021 - 10:49
I didn't get that from his comment? Where did he say that ? Or are you just making that up?
31/05/2021 - 10:39
Everyone is a pretty broad statement, work for large defence company we use gitlab self hosted
21/04/2021 - 14:18
I can think of a few. imigrated to country, always had a low paid job, had a disability for a few years. caring for family members etc
31/03/2021 - 19:38
FTB should easily keep you going, with the money from partner think that's like 300-400 a week plus the 500 earned income from...
13/03/2021 - 17:16
Alot of people also live at home with parents, alot of my colleagues in the age bracket 20-30s earning a pretty decent salary can afford to...
15/02/2021 - 14:09
Well I would assume the governmen and all search engines would proceed with as much automation as possible to setup the agreements...
26/01/2021 - 19:28
Google most likely won't leave as they are currently the monopoly here. they have the resources to strike deals with media and the ability...
26/01/2021 - 18:36
I dislike Google having pretty much a monopoly on searches but don't think bringing in a new law like this. Will do any favours for...
26/01/2021 - 12:00
11/12/2020 - 11:36
When I was a chef yes all the time, as a software engineer no way. I found if you like a drink the hospitality industry is a good fit
25/10/2020 - 21:13
Remember seeing that tactic on the soprano's
29/09/2020 - 14:49
Yea but someone can still get themselves sick by not thawing it fully and not properly heating it to a correct temperature internally. As...
29/09/2020 - 14:47
I pay for the service so can't remark on the free tier but it has been great so far with protonvpn. Differences are minimal between the two...
22/09/2020 - 17:52
I used to be with pia but switched to protonvpn after the merger.
21/09/2020 - 22:34
Same I usually wait for around 3 gens to pass nowadays before upgrading
03/09/2020 - 10:21
Supreme commander
04/08/2020 - 12:48
Another one for Aussie BB been with them over a year and they are awesome never had an issue. on the 50/20 plan
16/07/2020 - 20:59
No way Dont do it!
13/07/2020 - 21:51
Upgrade the CPU and motherboard guessing the ram is DDR3 that would also need to be replaced. could chuck the ram on eBay, after that look...
08/05/2020 - 20:53
if its everyday that's not on, once in a blue moon is fair enough. Ive seen a lot of posts state the "Reasonable overtime", to me that's 5...
08/05/2020 - 20:47
My advice is to really focus on what type of game you want to deliver, write it out discover what your game is going to be, tell your...
31/07/2018 - 22:28