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I guess they have to spend that retained dividend somehow!
08/07/2020 - 10:59
I bought the AX version after having Linksys Velop. It is waaay better. No dropouts, no bandwidth issues and an infinitely better UI so...
30/04/2020 - 16:29
How best to get this as an existing Telstra customer?
16/08/2019 - 17:35
Westpac customers also have access to these prices fyi (may need an interest bearing account), free way to get in though.
24/05/2019 - 08:03
I have a Westpac choice and a Westpac life account, I can see/access the rewards so not just tied to credit cards
11/05/2019 - 11:22
Fair warning for anyone who hasn't had a Razer product before, you will need to install a program called Synapse to run many of the...
24/12/2018 - 07:21
Well actually in some industries they're almost a prerequisite!
27/10/2018 - 10:59
Banana has a weird chemical taste to it but the Mocha is good
28/09/2018 - 16:45
The boots are made in Adelaide which is explicitly stated on the tugs.
09/08/2018 - 07:49
[@Axelstrife](/comment/6194768/redir): Not sure why people are negging, it's true. Razer requires a login to be able to use things like...
26/07/2018 - 07:38
Good price but 'Genuine Leather' and 'leather is picked from the top selection of hides' aren't compatible in the same description. No idea...
04/07/2018 - 21:29
Also had the rubber grip pull off mine within a year, this is actually my second as the first got RMA'd when the plastic randomly cracked...
24/06/2018 - 19:20
Honestly don't buy this game it's dying and not getting better
16/06/2018 - 22:46
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07/05/2018 - 14:29
NocteRegem was awarded a badge.
07/05/2018 - 07:46
NB RunIQ Watch $100 (Was $450) on New Balance Store
Pretty great bargain here - don't think it will last long. Android Smart watch that includes GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, Music playback and...
06/05/2018 - 13:23
The memory foam pillows are amazing, haven't woken up with a sore neck or tossed and turned mid sleep since I got them
05/05/2018 - 08:50
Linksys Velop 2-Pack WiFi Mesh System $388 (was $648) at Harvey Norman
Anyone looking to get into creating a wireless Mesh network at home, these are great. Currently achieving 94mbps down and 34mbps up across...
25/02/2018 - 18:48
The V2 is what I got, I stacked (they...
30/12/2017 - 14:18
Have owned this and a number of other chairs. For this price bracket Ergohuman is infinitely better and more comfortable.
30/12/2017 - 12:59
Just an FYI, the mains connected Nest Protect is non-compliant in AUS as the wiring is not double insulated.
03/12/2017 - 09:15
Is this just a drop shipper for Ali Express?
19/11/2017 - 15:36
Has anyone got this to work ordering online? Mine errors and says to call at completion of the online form..
18/11/2017 - 21:49
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17/06/2017 - 11:20