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If you want a proper espresso machine (especially with decent milk frothing) I would say do not buy this unless you want to modify it with...
09/07/2021 - 15:51
a bit late but I would say dont buy that basket. You see the number 2 - engraving on the inside? That will make your tamper get stuck and...
09/07/2021 - 15:49
India gate but make sure it is the SELLA variety. This is a premium parboiled basmatic rice which is leagues ahead of the regular.
08/07/2021 - 09:49
*clueless white girl about to be murdered* "hello?? is anyone there?"
17/06/2021 - 12:09
I googled "who owns uggaustralia.com.au" and it will tell you Deckers. Industry Retail Founded 1978 Founder Brian Smith...
19/05/2021 - 15:37
Yes perhaps, however because of Deckers owning the trademark no one but them can sell "ugg boots" internationally. I don't want to support...
19/05/2021 - 15:29
It's a principle thing. "UGG boots" was an Australian generic term and Deckers came in to trademark this for profit, not to mention they...
18/05/2021 - 18:38
Beware people this is NOT the original UGG boots, this company is owned by a greedy american company named Deckers....
18/05/2021 - 18:06
This is not the original Australian UGG boots. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UGG_(brand) It's own by deckers an american conglomerate that...
18/05/2021 - 18:03
You are NOT the legit company. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UGG_(brand) uggaustralia is owned by Deckers which is the rip off company.
18/05/2021 - 18:02
ahh so thats what that means..
26/04/2021 - 13:12
Great game, would recommend playing
31/03/2021 - 16:19
yep i couldn't stand it after just one month. It's a severely over-rated phone.
19/03/2021 - 17:04
except the amount of vibration caused by internal speakers...
19/03/2021 - 17:02
should not even feel close to feeling bad... These banks prey on stupid people who can't manage finances and rely on them missing payments...
15/03/2021 - 14:08
What about with one person? Asking for a friend
25/02/2021 - 09:26
Are these beans best for espresso, milk, or filter? Which style would get the most out of the beans?
16/02/2021 - 09:35
Phillipines i can deal with, they are a bit better as far as third world customer support goes.
10/02/2021 - 09:30
yeah I don't deal with any company that outsources to india. Not a race thing, they just suck at their jobs concerning customer service. No...
09/02/2021 - 14:04
movies like this and revenant win awards purely because of the shock factor. no one has the attention span for good story telling and...
20/01/2021 - 09:30
Very well done game. I had nightmares about hordes chasing me playing this.
18/12/2020 - 11:11
yes it does ok and i've had to modify mine by taking off that cover, however it isn't very consistent in quality and makes it really...
09/12/2020 - 12:10