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+1, especially about keeping the coffee too hot I prefer the flip-top version, but they don't seem to be on special very often
06/04/2021 - 01:42
You can buy an MMCX cable with in-line mic for $28 from [Amazon](
05/01/2021 - 03:21
How about Sandisk 128GB Endurance ( for...
29/08/2020 - 19:56
Separate gadget - extra $15.56 + $4.19 ship + GST
22/08/2020 - 06:16
The Samsung S20 is a nice phone, but the Huawei P30 Pro has an absolutely stellar camera - it was a quantum leap in image quality when it...
15/08/2020 - 21:51
I've found [this review on]( It's pretty clear...
10/08/2020 - 09:01
According to the Amazon reviews, this is a really, really slow drive - one review quotes a 53G file taking 1.5 hours to copy. The reviews...
10/08/2020 - 08:46
I'm booting from a SX8200 on my new Lenovo T495. It's never caused any issues. Can I note just how fast this SSD is? I often see I/O rates...
01/08/2020 - 07:32
WiFi 6E is only a proposal and the standard hasn't been finalised yet. I don't think anyone is offering kit supporting 6E yet, and in any...
02/07/2020 - 13:18
Lenovo chargers use a 'mickey mouse' three-pin 240v cable. Just buy one at you local PC store or fleabay...
02/07/2020 - 13:15
Van Heusen has always been a good quality shirt at a reasonable price. I find that one of their shirt will last over a year of regular...
27/06/2020 - 01:51
This course is available on Audible for $14.95/1 credit...
14/06/2020 - 14:09
Van Heusen runs one of the sales two times a year. This is better than most with some shirts marked down to $28. Please note that Van...
01/05/2020 - 20:16
Bing Lee doesn't have any stores in Victoria, so no C&C if you live south of the Murray. You'll have to pay $6 postage.
19/04/2019 - 02:52
+1 They are truly awful earphones - cheap, nasty and poor sound
25/05/2018 - 14:55
But not B5 (Vodaphone/koganmobile)
01/05/2018 - 15:26
Get a [hollow...
19/04/2018 - 13:41
It only logs to your phone when you are nearby. Since it's only connection is via Bluetooth, there is no upload when you are away. Be...
14/04/2018 - 10:41
25/03/2018 - 07:09
At least for mens underwear, the same prices are available in-store at Target and Big W.
26/11/2017 - 02:36
Offer has expired. Now priced at EUR 177.06
02/12/2016 - 10:46
Zenni Optical are the best source for online eyewear. You can get a good set of single prescription glasses for around $50 delivered....
02/07/2014 - 03:12
If you do much photography, even if it's only happy snaps of the kids, this is a must have piece of software. It's easy to use, yet can...
22/03/2014 - 00:53
Yes - but you will need to quote price and shipping. OW will need the URL to verify the price.
12/03/2014 - 03:48
*NOT EXPIRED* Now £333.33 + £11.32PP = A$601.34 Just ordered, and it went through, so they'll deliver to Australia
24/10/2013 - 02:37
Head-Fi Review here:
25/08/2013 - 18:18
+1 Old stock ... it's a good knife but, in my opinion, Furii are better
23/08/2013 - 14:43
Rubbish. Firstly, I didn't order via that OzBargain offer, I ordered directly from the Avancer website and paid full price. The website...
27/06/2013 - 10:04
Be warned - Avancer does not have these items in stock and that they do not expect to receive any until after 15/Jul. I have negative...
27/06/2013 - 09:30