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i shouldve gotten the wired version from JBHiFi boxing day sale at $77. still using my Razer Naga 2014 as my daily
07/01/2022 - 10:20
yes you could spend $100+ on a blue yeti desk mount mic OR you could spend $45 on a Kmart Anki USB Mic with desk mounted Scissor arm with...
30/10/2021 - 12:42
silently waiting for the mechanical keyboard to go on sale
26/06/2021 - 00:58
won't lie, i was thinking about getting Rage 2 on PS4 back at the EBGames Buy 1, get 1 free Deal a month back. I'll glady accept Free
12/02/2021 - 12:50
as much as this is a good bargain, i still rather get a good 60% mechanical keyboard personally.
06/10/2020 - 19:24
already got watch_dogs as a freebie on ubisoft launcher but it seems troublesome to download there than in epic store. been meaning to play...
20/03/2020 - 12:09
didn't get AC Syndicate for free for PS4 but i did only get it for $10. not much of a loss compared to this freebie. i did spend over 60...
18/02/2020 - 09:29
i would consider getting a "gaming" phone but to utilise a gaming phone to its optimal potential, you need the software that can pair it....
07/02/2020 - 19:16
okay so i enjoyed farming sim 17 alot, so seeing 19 out asa freebie next week is very exciting for me
24/01/2020 - 09:42
got myself a 6P and i hardly get 10 seconds without a batteryback or power wall connected. i've missed the first promo but im sure to get...
20/09/2019 - 23:45
i was thinking of renewing my ps+ subscription got batman and darksiders 3 this month. glad i didn't and got 6 new games on epic. now i...
20/09/2019 - 13:29
i have nothing against digital copies and envy their slashed prices like these. but i just love owning the physical disc of all my games....
24/07/2019 - 16:40
side note. i really hate that sony and especially microsoft are advertising their next gen console for 8k output and raytracing. first of...
01/07/2019 - 19:20
its true that majority of games are locked at 30fps, but getting a new console with better hardware than its cheaper counterpart expecting...
01/07/2019 - 19:13
really cool sale, but im waiting for the complete edition/GOTY with all the DLC
19/04/2019 - 22:24
couldn't find a copy in my local store, for both ME4 and Dishonored. couldn't be bothered going to another store so i give up on this sale....
06/04/2019 - 10:38
and my ps+ sub expires this week.... this is no coincidence
15/03/2019 - 12:39
Used interfreak Mine: https://wn.nr/S2gNGS
23/10/2018 - 18:46
Used easknights Mine: https://wn.nr/29jBz4
11/10/2018 - 16:36
Used ozbdamo mine https://wn.nr/9B8xQw
28/09/2018 - 01:05
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