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Canada ETA online application scam - how do I get my money back?

Just got scammed applying ETA to Canada. Normal price is 7 CA for the application fee, got charged 85 instead. It is the first search result after typing "official canada eta" in google, …


MobileCiti Refusing to Provide Another Replacement for Pixel 2 XL (Because I Got Original Replacement from Google)

I bought a Pixel 2 xl last month, it had display issues so I got a replacement from Google which took about 3 weeks.(Luckily it was during late Dec/early Jan) Now the replacement device has also …


Defective Pixel 2 XL Display, What Are My Options?

*update - my RMA device has just been shipped. It's a refurb with manufacture date of 30 Oct 2017 even though I owned my phone for less than a week… Will have to see how the device …