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Optically can reglaze these glasses, I even called them up to double check, you'll need to send it in to them to get your prescriptions put...
12/12/2019 - 19:32
I think it was probably something to do with my work's internet. I just tried on my phone and it worked. Thanks for the heads up!
25/11/2019 - 14:35
I'm getting a deal is no longer available. I guess I'll go back to putting + symbols in front of my gmail account so I can continue to...
25/11/2019 - 13:26
The Ram is upgradable. You would want to look for DDR4 2400mhz SODIMM RAM.
25/06/2019 - 10:20
If you're talking about the recent E495/E595 Thinkpad notebooks on TA's post, then yes. If you have a look at the upgradability for those...
19/06/2019 - 11:47
This was $39.90 at Coles in Brunswick, Vic. Not sure if it's the same elsewhere.
03/04/2019 - 11:20
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