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Can Zoom Hosts See What Device You're Using?

Wondering if a Zoom host is able to see what type of device you're using e.g. smartphone or laptop or desktop. Searched it up, couldn't find any definitive answers. TIA

Where to Buy These Earphones?

Wanting to buy the Sony MH755 earphones from either AliExpress or eBay, but having trouble telling which ones are fake or genuine. Anybody have any links they could share? Wanting to stay below the …

Why does everyone suddenly have $5 gift cards?

I think I may be out of the loop. On Ozbargain Classifieds, everyone is swapping their Priceline or JBHIFI or whatever $5 gift cards. What am I missing?

Win a 2021 Range Rover SVR (Cash Alternative USD$93,750) from Omaze

Win a 2021 Range Rover SVR (Cash Alternative USD$93,750) from Omaze

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Do I Need a Special SD Card for Recording 4K?

Camera newbie here. Wanting to buy the Panasonic Lumix TZ90 (or ZS70) to record in 4K. Was wondering if I need special SD cards to record the 4K with? Besides from the obvious, a large capacity, any …

TRN ST1 In Ear Monitor

Got the free $15 MasterCard deal, was wondering if anyone had tried the TRN ST1 IEMs? They seem like a pretty popular budget option, wanted to get some of your guys opinions. Anyone know how they …


[Resolved] Got Free Box from Hello Fresh, Used Empty Prepaid Gift Card for Payment, Just Sent New Box. What to Do?

Hi everyone, Needing some of your opinions. I got one of those free Hello Fresh boxes from the kind people in Classifieds. Made a new Hello Fresh account, and for the payment bit, entered in …

Help Me Look for a Forza Horizon 4 CD Key?

Hi everyone, Looking for a Forza Horizon 4 CD Key for PC. The cheapest one I've found so far is on Eneba, for around $42AUD after a discount code has been applied. Any other cheaper deals out …

Is $150 a Good Price for Used Sony WH1000XM3 Headphones?

Found a used, 2 year old (no warranty) Sony WH1000XM3 online in good condition for $150. Is that a good price?

Difference between adidas Ultraboost 20 and Ultraboost Summer Rdy?

Just jumped on the recent adidas shoes deal, and was wondering what the difference is between the regular Ultraboost 20 and the Ultraboost Summer Rdy? They are both the same price at $260RRP. They …

Raising Guide Dog Puppies?

Looking to get into raising some guide dog labs, have had experience with raising dogs before. Anyone have any experience with this type of stuff before I commit a full year? Any tips, anything I …

Is a Used GTX 1080Ti for $400 a Good Deal?

Cause if it is, then ****. Found one on Gumtree, should've pounced on it? Condition was good. Is $400 used a good price for this card?

Why Can't Server RAM Work in Optiplex 990?

I have tried installing some server RAM I bought second hand into my Optiplex 990 MT MOBO. The PC didn't boot to Windows properly. Installed non server RAM and worked perfectly. Anyone know why …

ATH M20X or TaoTronics BH22 Headphones?

Currently tossing up between these two mid range headphones. Has anyone had experiences with both or either? How do they sound compared to each other? Comfort? Appreciate it.

Good Over-Ear Headphones under $50?

Looking for over-ear headphones for under $50. Doesn't have to be wireless or have any fancy ANC. Just looking for a genuinely good sounding pair of headphones. I know I won't get too much …

Is the word "Jap" politically incorrect?

I see many stores advertising "Kent" pumpkins as "Jap" pumpkins, the "Jap" being short for Japanese. E.g. Harris Farm Is using the word "Jap" politically …

Win a Origin PC (Worth $4000), Monitor and Gaming Accessories from OriginPC

closed Win a Origin PC (Worth $4000), Monitor and Gaming Accessories from OriginPC

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Your Favourite Outemu Switch (Sound and Feel)?

Hello all, (don't really know how many custom mech keyboard enthusiasts there are on OzBargain, so here goes) Own an E-Element Z88 mechanical keyboard and want to upgrade the switches to a …

Anyone know if I can fit a 26cm GPU in my Optiplex 990 MT?

Wanting to buy a RX580, only problem is that it might be too long for my Optiplex 990 MT (biggest version). Anybody know the max size GPU I can fit in this PC case WITHOUT having to mod it? Thanks, …


expired [XB1, PC] Forza Horizon 3 $12.89 CD Key @ CDKeys

Upgrade to RX570 from 1050ti?

Hi Currently using a Zotac 1050Ti 4gb that I bought off Gumtree for $175. Found a RX570 for the same price. Was wondering if it's worth it swapping over? Heard that the Radeon software …

Do you guys use 16:9 or 16:10 (or what else) Monitors?

Just wondering what aspect ratio your monitors uses? Why did you chooses this? I personally used 16:10 but then swapped to 16:9. Worse for gaming in my opinion.

Should I mods stabs on clicky switch keyboard?

Hey people, still kinda relatively new to the whole MK community. Should I clip/band-aid mod and lube stabilisers on a clicky keyboard (specifically Outemu switches?). Sorry if it's a dumb …

60% Mechanical Keyboard under $100?

Hello people, I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard with a 60% or TKL layout with arrow keys. I would prefer hot swappable switches, but if not, maybe Gateron Blue switches or any other good …

Customising Xbox Controller

Hey guys, I'm sure some you have seen metal thumbsticks for Xbox controllers before. I was wondering what colours thumbsticks and DPADS would go best with a Phantom Black Xbox One Controller. …


What Do AliExpress 'Select' Coupons Do?

I have $300 worth of 'select' coupons in my AliExpress account and I don't know how to use it. I can't apply it to any purchases at all. How do I use them?!

Possible Bottleneck? New GPU?

Hey, coming from my last post, it seems there are a lot of people who know their stuff. I have a i7 2600, a GT 1030 and a 300W PSU. What's a low power GPU I could get that's actually …

Do You Guys Think I Can Run Forza Horizon 3?

I wanna buy FH3 but I'm not sure if my specs will reach 60fps on lowest res and graphics: i7-2600 GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz If not, what other open world racing games are there that I …

Best Old Flagship for under $250

Hey guys, I'm interested the market for a new phone, preferably not a new budget phone. Here are some requirements: -Micro SD card slot -Unlocked -Reputable brand (not Umidigi or other dodgy …