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Any iPhone 11 128GB & Airpods Pro Deals?

Looking to buy an iPhone 11 128GB & Airpods Pro, anybody has deals on these two items? Criteria: iPhone color needs to be black or white, 128GB, & they need to be an Australian stock item.


Thoughts on Buying Computer from TechFast

Please Help, planning to buy a gaming pc for under $1000, & it looks like TechFast has some great specs with suspiciously very low prices, thoughts on this of how reliable is it, do all the parts …

I'm Looking to Switch an iPhone 11 128GB from a Samsung Galaxy S10+ Should I Switch or Keep The S10+ & Wait for Next Year iPhone

Pls Help, Looking to switch from an S10+ to an iPhone 11 128GB (Not the Pro model), or just keep the S10+ for now & just wait for the next iPhone, or try to buy used iPhone XS or X for the time …