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my surfshark VPN is not working with Location Services on MAC. What did you change in location services?
22/05/2020 - 11:26
Can I also have the store? I am looking as well.
26/04/2020 - 11:16
I am at TGG in Homesglen and they are saying that the Nunawading store is not selling at that price. They called them. Better avoid going...
26/04/2020 - 10:15
Did anyone who bought the gift card get their bonus email today? Wednesday 16th May and no email. :-(
16/05/2018 - 21:57
Just ordered one took forever to go through the checkout process. Thanks OP
28/11/2016 - 21:23
I ordered one at 8:30pm and got the order confirmation a few mins later.
22/11/2016 - 22:09
Order it via Mobile browser. It wasn't working for me on the PC but ordered one via mobile and it worked.
22/11/2016 - 22:09
Harvey Norman just called me to say that they will cancel the order as they don't have any more stock and they will not get more. They are...
13/09/2016 - 09:39
I have the same question. Mine has just cleared Melbourne customs but I am at work tomorrow, and there will be no one to collect the watch...
19/04/2016 - 18:56
[@alexcanton](/comment/3627294/redir): same with me. I received the tracking number and to be delivered tomorrow. I am considering leaving...
19/04/2016 - 11:42
Did any one get shipping notification? I spoke to Online Chat at 4:30 and they told me that shipping information will be sent out before...
18/04/2016 - 19:13
No notification yet, I am really hoping that they have got their act together and it gets shipped today
18/04/2016 - 10:55
I received the same email just this minute.
12/04/2016 - 15:40
I ordered on 24th, no notification yet. Spoke via live chat in the morning on their website and they have 'escalated' and said that I will...
12/04/2016 - 15:37
I ordered on 24th and no notification yet! Live chat wasn't helpful as they said they don't have any information about when it will be...
08/04/2016 - 20:27
which one did you buy? I am looking for a good quality black link bracelet
08/04/2016 - 20:26
Can I buy now and use it after 2 months?
28/11/2015 - 20:03
I ordered at yesterday and they have already debited my card. I am still waiting for the notification of pickup from the store. Fingers...
15/11/2015 - 10:30
I don't understand. maybe someone can enlighten me. If they are selling at $1.17 (60c postage + 40c paypal + 10c ebay fees) -> Where is the...
14/06/2013 - 16:46
Thanks OP. Got 2 from Box Hill VIC. They still have 4+ left.
12/06/2013 - 15:09
Ordered one now. #685.
23/11/2012 - 20:31
I downloaded this yesterday - there isn't much info in the torrent.
23/11/2012 - 15:19
so what is the verdict? Are we getting the deal on the monitor stands?
23/11/2012 - 14:38
Well I tried FORCE. But my force was not strong enough....
23/11/2012 - 14:23
Yeah please tell us
23/11/2012 - 14:17
Yes - a lot of people got good bargains. That is the only reason I am not going to neg vote on this deal. That said, people don't get stuff...
23/11/2012 - 13:52
I am sure Rep is going to post soon saying that they sold all of them and we didn't have a luck. He will then have a line under which he...
23/11/2012 - 13:46
well missed out - not sure if they sold all the monitor stand as mystery but 1.45 hours of F5's and didn't see it open even once.
23/11/2012 - 13:42
or you like to see how the bandwidth chart spikes up. :-) Very sneaky - *sigh* there goes lunch.
23/11/2012 - 12:22