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seriously, i have got this pair in 2020 model, the sole is too hard, running doesnt give you enough grid on the ground, and walking is not…
16/04/2024 - 23:08
For whoever likes bubble tea, this store is my fav back in Singapore. They normally brew the tea only after you order it, the brewing tech…
02/04/2024 - 17:20
Hey gents, i m interested in the TV, but i dont have an edu acc, have you all know how I could create an edu account?
16/03/2024 - 20:32
It is really funny for people talks about the name but don't know meaning behind. Ozbargain is an excellent platform to exchange some…
13/11/2023 - 14:36
It might be good idea to stay at East Coast, Katong or Marine Parade area instaed.
01/10/2023 - 21:11
Off the topic a bit, for whoever trying to get the Embody, it is worth noting that dust will easily get into the interlayer at the seat and…
22/09/2023 - 15:50
I think you are right in city size and infrastructure cost, but not sure if you have scrolled down to the bottom of the page, I am…
07/09/2023 - 10:07 when will ever Aus reach this speed????
06/09/2023 - 17:00
Eva is great for winter, a bit warm for me at Summer. I like to sleep at super firm mattress, and I feel it is a bit soft.
06/03/2023 - 22:58
tried so hard to upvote your post but guess people didn't think it is rational. I did a bit of research on my own, the Chinese New Year,…
16/02/2023 - 08:37
Breadtop in Aus vs Breadtalk in Singapore, i m just curious which one is the legit one.
05/02/2023 - 11:00
90% of the comment is not related to the airfare deal. Useless arguing around politics, culture and shit.
31/01/2023 - 21:22
hey bro, in changing the location, all you need to do is to ensure you have proper street, province, and phone number. I do it all the time…
31/01/2023 - 21:06
bought one before. whenever I used and cleaned it, you have to heat it up to get a water free surface, any moisture on top would cost it…
24/01/2023 - 12:41
I am currently using this one, it does the job well. I guess this rice cooker would do the same.…
11/01/2023 - 12:01
I m actually thinking to get an older gen full frame (i.e. Sony A7ii, or Mark IV etc) to replace my current Canon line up. do you guys…
05/01/2023 - 22:04
Is this one better than Desky pro+ or Sihoo V1? Or they are quite similar. Last time, a friendly OB mentioned Desky pro+ is good in general…
11/11/2022 - 16:03
I know it is incomparable, but will the desky pro+ or ergotune better than this?
02/11/2022 - 17:05
Satin is a excellent product already, but if you manage to get Pro-glide, it is even better than Satin.
23/09/2022 - 17:22
Interesting fact. I really want to know if you will still purchase monitors that are made in China.
12/09/2022 - 21:28
why so serious?
07/09/2022 - 12:16 and I have heard the 888 is much hotter than 865.
16/08/2022 - 16:01
isnt oppo find x2 pro similar spec with much lower price and 512gb?
16/08/2022 - 15:20
I m gonna test water here. For those who cares, this is manufactured in China.
28/07/2022 - 14:41
I m currently using a the same one in 8.5kg, a lot of my clothes have been stretched badly since I used this machine 9 months ago.
13/07/2022 - 19:59
I think the company is trying their best to survive at this tough market, but what you are trying to do is let it die though. TBH, ReAmped…
03/06/2022 - 00:52
I think if you signed up with Origin with Fibre plan, you could get an extra $200 energy credit into your account, with the additional…
03/06/2022 - 00:41