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I hear you. FWIW the main critique of these I've seen (the buttons) [seems to…
29/05/2024 - 00:15
Great price on the SK8s. Close to retail in Japan. Good thing my size is sold out in the snakeskin
15/05/2024 - 21:32
I have this case, it's awesome. Looks great with an LED less build. Do wish they sold the mesh panels separately, would love to mix up the…
28/04/2024 - 15:22
They’re some of the best modelling amps on the market. I’d recommend demoing a couple to make your own mind up. The mateus asato and…
27/04/2024 - 11:01
The bleed is minimal. In this range, most mixing specific/neutral headphones will be open back. It’s a good thing, your ears fatigue less…
26/04/2024 - 16:38
@duckduckering if you’re using them for audio work I think the cost benefit can be made for more detailed cans. The 1990s are great…
26/04/2024 - 09:25
[Price is now $42.15]( for anyone interested
18/04/2024 - 17:47
I've had the [3 cup version]( for a couple years. It's excellent
15/04/2024 - 18:19
Thanks. Awesome, that one’s a beaut
10/04/2024 - 20:27
Is it safe to assume ordering from Amazon Japan will provide the kanji wheel version? I’ve read some models have both and switch using…
10/04/2024 - 15:53
I agree the locally produced version sucks compared to the import. Has anyone else here contacted Asahi Australia to let them know your…
04/04/2024 - 17:47
I've been looking at TB4/USB4 enclosures for a couple weeks now. I need one for a Mac Studio. This one comes up a lot, though there's…
01/03/2024 - 12:41
Damn I've been waiting for a deal on these for weeks. Can't believe I missed this
27/02/2024 - 13:22
Thanks for this deal Jay. Would you mind sharing the flavour difference between Chocolate and Smooth Chocolate? Not sure which to go with…
26/02/2024 - 11:05
These are decent chargers. Have used the last 6 months locally and in Japan without issue. Better value than the gear sold at JB/OW
18/01/2024 - 15:19
Some good deals here. Dredge, Sleeping Dogs and the Mafia trilogy all great pickups
20/12/2023 - 16:41
Used Airalo esim for a month in Japan recently. It was uncomplicated and worked well. Will use it again next time
13/12/2023 - 13:49
Yes these will work great. They’ll also perform well (fast loading) - Switch maxes out at 90MB/s read which these clear
26/11/2023 - 13:29
If it comes with no chuck or case... [this kit]( looks to…
13/10/2023 - 14:32
Thanks. I've been waiting for the price to drop back down. Got a price match from OW
07/09/2023 - 15:10
What do you recommend as a better pocket knife?
05/09/2023 - 16:30
Thanks for sharing
04/09/2023 - 01:09