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Citizenship Application Fee - Count Towards Spending Credit Card Criteria?

Hey guys, I applied for the Westpac’s Altitude Rewards Platinum credit card. I paid my citizenship application fee with this card, just wondering if these kind of payments counts towards the …

Credit Card Referral Offer

Hello, My Girlfriend would like to do her first credit card. I was wondering if there is any good referral program atm. Thank you


Pay Back ANZ Credit Card

Hello, So i opened my first credit card to take advantage of a deal. I opened the ANZ platinum visa credit card. I already started spending but i was wondering how do you pay back the balance you …

Best Signup Bonus Credit Card as September 2023

Hey guys, I was just wondering which is the best deal at the moment for signing up for a new credit card. I just did this https://www.pointhacks.com.au/credit-cards/anz-platinum-guid… and was …