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Had mine 2 + years no faults and gets used multiple times per day.
01/11/2021 - 22:29
Just bought one a few weeks ago in WA. Got $900 off and a full tank.
04/08/2021 - 20:24
Miele vacuum bags.
18/07/2020 - 07:27
My bad just clear nail polish.
02/07/2020 - 21:48
I have this, it is great, but just a warning to those who purchase. You have to seal in the numbers on the dial as they rub off very easily...
01/07/2020 - 13:55
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08/06/2020 - 16:47
Heartridge Australian timber range. $63 per sq m supply and laid. Love it. Make sure slab is smooth and even.
08/06/2020 - 16:47
Just showed website page showing in stock.
06/04/2020 - 20:43
Thanks for telling me how you would like me to share my receipt.
06/04/2020 - 20:07
Yeah I suppose. Costco is new in Perth, and I did pm at local Perth Officeworks so probably they didn't know...(yet)
06/04/2020 - 19:33
This is the brand new 2020 model. That deal was possibly for last gen.
06/04/2020 - 19:24
I think they had the 12.9 but sold out saw it on a different forum post for $1549.
06/04/2020 - 18:42
They did for me without any issues.
06/04/2020 - 18:40
Apple iPad Pro 11 Inch 128GB 2020 $1249 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)
Apple ipad pro 11 inch 128 gb (2020) for $1249 delivered from Costco.com.au. Possible price match for 5% discount for $1187 at officeworks....
06/04/2020 - 18:32
Been watching and waiting for a good price on this scooter. What a price drop. Shut up and take my money jb hifi.
19/11/2019 - 22:02
I have this kettle from the previous deal, I have had no issues with it, it is great. I was very wary of it at the start thinking the...
20/09/2019 - 18:06
I also went to the Perth one. Saturday matinee, I got 4 tickets in row c, was chuffed. Friends sitting 3 seats across paid $120 pp.
22/08/2019 - 19:51
I have an king size ecosa and a queen slumba. Both excellent for the money but the slumba is amazing for the $450 I paid for it, but I took...
18/08/2019 - 20:48
Mine just got delivered by a courier. Ordered 45 mins ago. So fast.
18/08/2019 - 13:23
I am going for my first scan on Saturday. Tossing up between wondersmile because they have a scanner in Perth or sdc and go via doing home...
07/08/2019 - 05:38
Send me a pm with a mobile no and I will sms it.
09/05/2019 - 16:06
Send me a pm with mobile no and I will sms it.
09/05/2019 - 16:05
Just got the 65 from jbhifi Osborne Park (wa) for $2348. He said the Perth warehouse has 100+ so if your in Perth you might have more luck.
09/05/2019 - 14:57
It's $3000 at signup but you can adjust it online after being issued minimum is $2000. When applying there is a drop down box for minimum...
25/04/2019 - 06:57
I am going to apply, smash out the spend then as soon as I get the bonus points, transfer the points to krisflyer before the point...
08/03/2019 - 12:52
Received tracking this morning and my app has updated overnight to new plan. Weird thing it was saying the school holiday bonus was only...
05/03/2019 - 13:58
Transfered my points, made some calls and then went to book in for a 3 day trip. Seats gone. Rookie error.
19/02/2019 - 15:32