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Purchased a previous 4080 super deal with the pny card. These GPUs produce a lot of coil whine. It's enough to be heard from different…
20/05/2024 - 17:30
I bought a previous PC with the Leaper Edge Tank case. I would definitely recommend the MSI 320R over it. The build quality in the case is…
16/05/2024 - 11:25
@luketechfast hey mate I purchased the previous 4080s deal with the 7800x3d. I noticed this deal is the same cost with better ram, would I…
18/04/2024 - 17:23
Does the bolt connector make it a 2.4ghz keyboard?
18/04/2024 - 09:11
@luketechfast any 4080 super deals with this CPU?
06/04/2024 - 12:16 This link has one which doesn't show expired, but code doesn't work for me
06/04/2024 - 11:03
The discount codes don't seem to be working for me, even tried it for this deal here…
06/04/2024 - 08:57
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