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If you scroll down I talk a little bit about what is done. I have to stress that it isnt just a simple wash and wax :)
27/07/2011 - 16:50
Just had it done, looks great! The stuff that is put on after the wash and chamois dry is kinda like a new clear coat that will stay on for...
27/07/2011 - 16:48
Hey Guys, I am pretty sure Paint Protection is a little different to just waxing the car. It is more like a paint sealant that lasts much...
26/07/2011 - 15:34
Jim's Car Cleaning "Paint Protection" for Just $69 (Value $449, Melbourne)
This deal was on Spreets yesterday and it seems like they are running it again. All the details are on the Spreets page after the jump....
26/07/2011 - 13:41
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