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ALDI Activ Battery Charger and Eneloop Batteries

Does anyone envision any issues with using an ALDI Activ Battery Charger to charge Eneloop Pro Batteries?

Phone Sims for South America

Will be traveling through South America this winter (Peru, Chile, Ecuador). Any leads on where/how to purchase a SIM card (with data) that would cover these countries?

What's The Top 3 65" 4K Televisions Available Right Now (without Regards to Price)

There's rarely a day goes by without a post of the latest TV deal from one the many outlets selling same. For those of us that haven't been the market for a while, the myriad of features …

Help with AV Receiver Choice

I'm looking to retire a15-year-old Pioneer AV receiver which has served me very well but I think it's time to come into the present age of receiver technology. I'm looking at the …


HP Envy Sleekbook from Megabuy - thoughts?

Any feedback from the OB community as to whether this is a good deal?

15" Ultrabook vs Standard Notebook

If similarly equipped, is an Ultrabook worth the price difference? Appreciate any advice from others who have researched or have personal experiences. Thanks in advance!


Spreets- Google TV Smartbox

Does anyone know anything about this unit? Technical and capability features are skimpy at best. Is this is a legitimate good deal?