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I've used this a couple times, nearly finished my current bottle. But I've come to realise, that really what you just need to do is make...
26/11/2020 - 23:01
I ordered $57.6 worth last week, but just got an email that I've been refunded for $48.00. So it looks like I'll only be getting 2 bottles...
18/11/2020 - 12:41
I do admit it is a bit more on the pricey side, but you could treat yourself to it once in a while. You can be the judge if it's worth it...
16/11/2020 - 11:51
We also bought the Strawberry and Cream but have yet to open it.
16/11/2020 - 11:48
After trying Haagen Dazs (currently half price at Coles), I realised how crap Connoisseur tastes compared to it :P. Try their cookies and...
16/11/2020 - 08:41
Thanks, bought 6x hand wash and 6x body wash :)
14/11/2020 - 21:47
My mum went to the Coles in Northcote VIC just half hour an ago and there was 6 in total left.
13/11/2020 - 19:27
If you're adding water, then you're going to be introducing bacteria to the soap. And especially if that bottle is going to be used for...
13/11/2020 - 17:21
I've never understood why it's so hard for people to just throw used wipes into a rubbish bin instead of flusing down the toilet just to be...
25/10/2020 - 19:57
I'm no expert on essential oils. The ones I were gifted from like a few years ago were like branded perfect potion and they were like $25...
21/10/2020 - 23:16
These are probably very diluted or synthetic essential oils espeically at this cost. Would probably avoid if you're looking for pure...
21/10/2020 - 21:04
I actually made one myself using a ozito jigsaw (corded one) which is probably alot powerful and even then, I eventually sold it it as I...
03/10/2020 - 21:02
Do not purchase their garden beds. I read previous ozbargainers comments in regards to them rusting but still went ahead and bought one. My...
27/02/2020 - 10:28
I made my own massage gun a number of months ago by getting buying a cheap ozito jigsaw from bunnings (wired ones) for around $40 and...
28/01/2020 - 14:37
How did you manage to get all the paint off it though ??
03/01/2020 - 07:30
I think I bought this same brand last year in Japan. I used it in our background once, pretty decent but it was a pain to clean afterwards.
13/11/2019 - 21:04
Measure the width of the hole of your plates? This rack mentions 25cm, which means standard weight plates, as opposed to the Olympic weight...
06/11/2019 - 19:35
(100000 x $ 298 x 2% interest)/365 days = $1632 => 3 days * $1632 = ~$4900.
17/10/2019 - 15:15
Ha! I've been doing this for years as well!
30/09/2019 - 14:15
Any chance of offering a price like the previous deal from last year? joyBuy had it for about $30AUD. I haven't seen any prices as low as...
25/06/2019 - 21:52
I've also had the A1 for just over 12 months and I'm happy with it, although the build quality isn't the best. Phone is slightly bent and...
25/06/2019 - 21:49
Did you buy one? I picked one up and luckily had 2 staff members help me load it into my hatchback. We had to take everything out from the...
02/03/2019 - 00:22
Torros Pro100 Training Rack $199 @ rebel (Free Membership Required)
For those who missed out the squat rack from the recent Aldi deal or decided not to buy it due to the modified design, you can purchase the...
01/03/2019 - 12:41
I was about to buy a second-hand version of last year's model on Saturday for $100 but then decided not to after seeing the catalogue. But...
18/02/2019 - 07:23
Quite possibly but they also have higher operating costs, higher wages, higher store costs, advertising costs etc.
15/01/2019 - 07:30
I recently came back from Japan and bought a Zojirushi rice cooker, which will also replace my $100 Panasonic rice cooker.
23/11/2018 - 14:32
Are these original ones and not fakes? Couldn't find much reviews for this website
04/10/2018 - 21:54
They were caught selling fake honey...
10/09/2018 - 14:29
Have you checked out what the prices of RAM are? $117 is really cheap. I recently bought 16gb Kingston DDR3 second hand from ebay for $110....
03/09/2018 - 21:40
Check out Big-W. I was in Big-W QV (Melbourne CBD) Thursday last week and I believe they had it for $50. Not sure if it's still available
22/08/2018 - 08:58