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It's an actual store, I bought a suit for my wedding from them earlier this year. Really happy with the suit I got, the staff were...
12/12/2020 - 13:20
Thanks all, sounds like I'll stick to the old corded line trimmer I'm currently using.
22/10/2020 - 09:28
I mainly use the trimmer against my brick fence, would these plastic blades just break hitting against that?
22/10/2020 - 09:17
Bought one of these last time it was on sale, does a good job of washing the car and doesn't take up much space on the shelf.
31/08/2020 - 09:43
Rats, was holding out for a good price for weeks and finally bit the bullet the other day for some Extreme Milk Choc. Should have held out.
15/07/2020 - 10:07
I ordered on the same date, all mail was going to SPAM folder.
25/04/2020 - 10:17
I'm not seeing any voucher option for my Japan trip, the departure date is before 31st May but the return date is after, I wonder if that's...
15/03/2020 - 19:04
That second option looks like just the sort of thing I'm after. Is there any adjustment of the forward / backward tilt of the TV?
01/03/2020 - 14:44
I found myself having to be careful not to hit the front shorter uprights if I benched inside it, if that makes sense. I would have...
13/02/2020 - 08:52
Squat rack are a re-brand of [these]( for those looking for RRP. Have had one in...
12/02/2020 - 13:25
I sent JB support an email saying I hadn't received the code and they sent me one.
02/12/2019 - 13:01
[The Fujitsu 7.1KW systems are looking like a pretty good deal to me with the $200...
20/08/2019 - 08:23
They notify to collect. I went before I got the email though and it was sitting on the counter and fine to pickup.
28/07/2019 - 10:44
Thanks, got a pair of the New Balance 247. Looks like the price has gone up since.
19/04/2019 - 08:11
Couldn't comment on the quick cook option, never tried it. Like the other poster said, about 40 - 45 minutes on normal mode for 3 cups of...
01/11/2018 - 11:14
Have this rice cooker and am very happy with it. Paid $85 a few months ago which was the best price I could find at the time, so this seems...
01/11/2018 - 10:53
Thanks, grabbed a [Global MinoSharp 3 Stage Ceramic Water...
31/07/2018 - 08:34
Thanks for the recommendation, have the set and looked in here for something to sharpen them with!
30/07/2018 - 12:09
$180 delivered after 10% off and free shipping with eBay plus. I decided to go for it as i'm impatient.
02/07/2018 - 11:13
Yamaha YAS-107B Soundbar 120W from 199 to 349 at the same time.
02/07/2018 - 10:06
26/06/2018 - 07:53
Recommend calling ahead before hand if you can get on to anyone that is. A few items listed as in stock but once I got to the store it...
01/06/2018 - 12:36
[Panasonic NN-ST253WQPQ Compact Microwave...
22/05/2018 - 10:14
Good yogurt, i've found the expiration date on these to be quite short compared to Chobani though for those that like to stock up in bulk....
04/10/2017 - 21:09
Doesn't specify for the 2DS XL only the 2DS, wonder if that means it's a physical copy for the XL.
13/09/2017 - 12:17