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No pink, only white and black. If I can't get a decent price on the pink I'll be going for Kogan :)
18/09/2012 - 14:08
Rep any chance of the pink s2 for <$440 including shipping? :) thanks in advance!
18/09/2012 - 13:52
Any chance of a deal on the S2? I'd be happy with about $440 for Aussie stock. HN managed it for $394 a few months back... :) thinkofus...
10/08/2012 - 10:32
Haha here was me thinking I'd get praise for knowing my place as a wife :P he got his S2 from the HN super Saturday deal so I've got this...
01/08/2012 - 12:30
There needs to be some good S2 deals coming up surely?! I don't want the Nexus cos of the camera and non expandable memory and I can't have...
01/08/2012 - 12:02
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15/03/2012 - 22:47
USB with power adapter
12/03/2012 - 11:35
No it was USB 2.0, sorry I was hoping for a more specific receipt too!!
11/03/2012 - 20:07
The harddrives were in a locked cabinet along with memory cards and USB sticks with a sign on the front saying "25% off memory storage"....
11/03/2012 - 15:55
I was pretty impressed, didn't think they'd put it through!
11/03/2012 - 14:54
WD Elements Desktop 2TB External Hard Drive - $111.75 from Target
Went into Target yesterday looking for an external hard drive - noticed that the display case stated "25% off Memory Storage", checked with...
11/03/2012 - 14:40
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10/03/2012 - 13:50