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Thank you OP - Sevenofnine. I missed this when it was in Woolworths' catalog and did not see your post until yesterday. I thought it had...
12/12/2019 - 22:15
Thank you Chris T for this info. I went & bought one this afternoon and it was indeed still $15.
12/12/2019 - 22:12
Thank you TA. Flying from Tokyo Narita airport tomorrow. Might as well register just in case :)
30/09/2019 - 12:13
@tightarse I was puzzled by your question. Reading @Shwayne’s comment at 9.08am today on your post for the exact same configuration...
29/08/2019 - 22:38
Thank you OP. This is a superb post. Don't think I have ever seen 25% off Groupon before!
13/08/2019 - 23:54
Tracking email states "Expected Cashback AUD 104.28" & "Expected Approval 11 Nov 2019." Any reason why you ask?
08/08/2019 - 20:19
Thank you StrayfireX. I asked because I'm going to Rugby World Cup in mid Sept so hopefully it will arrive before then. Also, Cashrewards...
08/08/2019 - 16:12
Thank you TA. Just purchased one. SSD upgraded to 512GB. Let's hope that it tracks through Cashrewards properly. My order says "Ships...
08/08/2019 - 14:43
Just like you & many others, I have bought watches based on WN/MN’s recommendations. Their advice & comments offer good insights & are...
28/07/2019 - 22:12
Thank you OP. Great find
03/07/2018 - 20:19
Thank you OP. Was going to buy the "conventional" way and get the Bonus $10 Woolworths WISH eGift Card. This saves me another $5.
02/07/2018 - 01:43
Same here. It is very frustrating when Groupon advertises 15% via app but only gives 5%. It is a complete waste of our time.
29/06/2018 - 23:41
Thank you LoopyLou. Much appreciated for your suggestions. We booked with Flight Centre. Just checked FC invoice and it stipulates...
22/05/2018 - 13:03
We are booked (& have paid in full) to fly to Europe on Qatar, transiting in Doha, on both our forward and return trips. I wonder whether...
22/05/2018 - 01:18
Mine arrived today. Yet to set it up but all looks good. Many thanks OP, the venerable, legendary **TA**
27/04/2018 - 22:19
[@obiwan](/comment/5805592/redir): Thank you
04/04/2018 - 01:15
[@WatchNerd](/comment/5803868/redir): Thank you
02/04/2018 - 15:18
[@tomochin1991](/comment/5803858/redir): Thank you
02/04/2018 - 15:18
[@tomochin1991](/comment/5803741/redir): Did you find it difficult to remove the back of watch to replace the battery? I am asking because...
02/04/2018 - 14:30
@WatchNerd, you are Ozbargain’s resident watch expert. @MathNerd, your icon is a watch. As I am pretty dopey & perennially half asleep, I...
12/02/2018 - 00:23
@tramperleo is spot on. Y6 Elite is 1GB RAM only. Plus ROM is only 8GB.
08/02/2018 - 23:59
Mate, Thank you very much for all your info. In future I really need to study the info on the packaging esp country of manufacture. We all...
01/09/2017 - 00:16
Mx2, If I understand you correctly, Cornetto's are made in Indonesia & some Street products were made in China. If what you imply is true,...
31/08/2017 - 01:21
Got my ticket too. Thanks OP. It states "Entry Subject to Capacity." Does that mean that there is no seating, ie only standing room? If...
10/08/2017 - 09:56
I followed your advice & checked MobileCiti's website. They dont have a 64GB/4GB. Their biggest was 32GB/4GB at $448. Just wondering if you...
13/07/2017 - 23:10
I was on Telstra website looking at this phone when chat consultant asked if I had any questions. I asked her if this iPhone SE is locked....
12/04/2017 - 14:28
Thank you OP. Ordered from Target using Coupon Code "Elf20"
22/12/2016 - 01:06
Many thanks tukanglistrik and Porco Rosso. I am in Melb. Presume delivery will be similar although it is likely couriers will be run off...
24/11/2016 - 23:36
Thank you OP. I tried to buy it last week but it was Out of Stock. Discovered today that it was back in stock and successfully purchased...
24/11/2016 - 16:52