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yes you are right, i updated the price
17/10/2013 - 13:07
lol, from your experience.
17/10/2013 - 11:32
apparently aus version still has the old cheap battery that has problems, however us ones are updated with new battery. this version has...
17/10/2013 - 09:45
Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner $453.96 Delivered from Amazon
Hurry people get your Neato XV-21 now, amazon just accepted my order. Very cheap considering how much they are sold here. Don't get the pro...
17/10/2013 - 02:37
brought one last time it was posted here. never receive it. however paypal sorted out. will be getting my money back. rep replied to my...
16/10/2013 - 19:27
me too =(
20/12/2012 - 19:26
Brought one at Thomastown Harvey Norman, they have plenty
14/12/2012 - 16:50
Hi I'm happy with the purchased don't get me wrong, although I wasn't aware that I was getting one case only. Seem like no one else has...
06/12/2012 - 07:34
can someone please tell me if the ozbargain bundle is actual worth what they are saying? 89 dollars. with that price i could have brought...
04/12/2012 - 22:43
same here, at melbourne highpoint. i also asked if i could purchase applecare and get the bonus apple tv and 50 itunes card. no luck thanks...
25/11/2012 - 12:05
akman joined OzBargain.
Welcome aboard!
22/11/2012 - 22:03