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Got instructions for the extension? Sounds like my next project :)
26/07/2019 - 13:14
BargainLuver was awarded a badge.
26/07/2019 - 11:28
Rare to find deals for flights in January as it's still peak. In my experience deals usually start in Feb.
26/07/2019 - 11:28
Can this be used to brew hot tea as well? Can it withstand boiling water?
15/07/2019 - 10:31
I used to get bomb scanned almost every time then i discovered a little trick that helps me avoid it more often than not. when you get your...
12/07/2019 - 14:53
Did you try the classic version? I have dry eyes too and I found the "classic" type is more comfortable for me than the supposedly more...
11/07/2019 - 15:52
Don't think so but even paying for these outright I'd suggest you're better off using health fund allocation on new frames each year....
11/07/2019 - 15:47
I switched to daysoft ( years ago and haven't looked back. Excellent quality daily disposable lenses for...
27/06/2019 - 11:33
the soundtrack to your dinner You're welcome
08/06/2019 - 18:20
Thanks! I fly out 6am on April 16th so hope it arrives before the 15th. Where do you ship from?
04/04/2019 - 12:33
Ended up going ahead and bought 2 microchips. I just read in a response to another comment that the eSim comes with a microchip as well? If...
03/04/2019 - 17:09
Was about to purchase for my upcoming trip to Japan, then paused when I saw the paypal account I was paying to was called...
03/04/2019 - 11:30
Seems like the code for free shipping has been shut down. It applied for me intially then said the Carlton cup was out of stock before I...
30/12/2018 - 22:44
The band name "ziploc" bags dont leak. I used them for anova sous vide cooking before I bought a vacuum sealer. I bought my ziploc bags in...
17/09/2018 - 13:43
Offers all claimed out
09/08/2018 - 15:58
I think I figured it out. Insize is a brand that they sell. the cheapest insize...
17/01/2018 - 06:07
[@lunatesurface](/comment/4257971/redir): Good to know, thanks!
12/12/2016 - 12:49
Thanks. So you got a refund via paypal, but able to keep the phone as well?
08/12/2016 - 16:09
How did you go with this OP? I'm thinking about geting a 5X from DWI but want to know if they were helpful at all with your issue first?
07/12/2016 - 16:37
Booked James Smith. Youtubed his comedy. Not bad. Cheap date night entertainment FTW. Thanks OP
27/09/2016 - 16:23
But price hasn't changed since 2012? I don't claim to know, just would be very surprised if that were true.
27/07/2016 - 11:26
The info on your link seems to be dated 2012? Doubt nothing changed in 4 years.
27/07/2016 - 10:04
I got 2 tix to Friday, thanks OP
05/07/2016 - 14:36
Their support email address goes to Exa, a company that went into liquidations several months ago...
30/06/2016 - 15:15
Looks like they turned off the extra 40% off for DJ's cards. I was too slow searching for bargains and by the time I got around to...
26/06/2016 - 14:20
Where are you cooking that Korean ladies are watching and commenting and pulling out out bottles of your favourite sauce on demand?
17/06/2016 - 15:24
If i got for offer 3, and pay 3 months up front, is billing month to month after that or in 3 month blocks?
01/06/2016 - 17:39
This is bad advice, unless you are intending to break international aviation regulations. Portable battery packs such as this are...
31/05/2016 - 20:56