API and the OzBargain Logos

Deal Submission

If you are a deal aggregator, catalogue provider or even a merchant who wishes to create link for your visitors to submit deals to OzBargain (similar to what Lasoo has done, from this announcement), you can link to OzBargain's deal submission form with some fields pre-filled.

URL: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/submit

Query String Parameters:

Parameter Pre-filled field
edit[title] Title
edit[url] URL/Link
edit[start] Start Date (format: yyyy-mm-dd)
edit[expiry] Expiry Date (format: yyyy-mm-dd)
edit[coupon] Coupon Code
edit[category] Deal Category

For deal category, it's last section of the URL for the deal category page. For example,

  • Gaming – gaming
  • Home & Garden – home-garden


URL to submit the latest eBay Group Buy Deal to Electrical & Electronics category


OzBargain Logos

(OzBargain.com.au Logo)

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(Just a simple [Oz])

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(The flat / non-gradient version of [Oz])

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(Mask wearing avatar)

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(Default avatar (no mask))