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OzBargain10 FAQ for Merchants

This is a compiled frequently asked questions from the merchants, retailers & service providers. If your question is not covered here, please email us at [email protected] or use the form at this page.

OzBargain10? When, What and Why?

OzBargain10 is OzBargain's 10th Birthday celebration event where we invite store representatives / merchants to offer us great deals for 48 hours. The sale event starts at 12PM on Monday 21st of November 2016, and finishes at 11:59AM on Wedneday 23rd of November.

What do I need to do to participate?

If you are representing a store,

  • Tell us that you intend to be part of OzBargain's 10th birthday celebration. Email us at deals@ozbargain.com.au with “OzBargain10” in the subject, telling us who you are, which store you are representing, and what kind of deals you are willing to offer. We will start listing all the participating stores on the OzBargain10 promotion page from 1 Nov.

How do I share my OzBargain10 deal?

First of all, please confirm with us that you are participating! See the previous FAQ entry for details.

Then bring out your calculators to figure out what is the best deal you can give to the OzBargain community. See the next FAQ entry for some suggestions.

You shall then submit your deal on OzBargain like you usually do.

  • Deal should become active on 21st of November. The event starts at 12PM mid day, but I know some of you guys might wish to turn your OzBargain-exclusive deal on a bit earlier. That's totally fine – as long as it's not days earlier. Deal should expire on 23rd of November or until sold out.
  • Deal should also be submitted to OzBargain on 21st of November prior to the start of the event. You could submit it a whole day earlier, but it would not be featured on the OzBargain10 promotion page until 12PM that day.
  • Please note that store rep posting might be throttled or soft-banned due to poor performance from previous deals. Store Rep posting limit is automated and the moderators are not able to override it. Therefore do plan your deal posting schedule for the weeks leading up to OzBargain10 event to ensure that your store is not limited.

What kind of deals are you looking for?

Something with a birthday theme or 10 but it doesn't necessarily have to follow any of that. Most importantly it has to be a great deal for members.

Anything more specific?

Here are some suggestions for the merchants to prepare their OzBargain10 deal:

  • Check some of your previous deals and some other deals from your store that got posted on OzBargain in the past. What worked well and what didn't? You might be able to recreate some of the past success by creating a similar offer. Remember, OzBargainers love good bargains.
  • Have a site-wide or category-wide discount. For example “20% off Store Wide including Sales Items” with link to your home page. You can then highlight some products within the post.
  • Have a special landing page, or a promotion-specific coupon code to track visitors from OzBargain. Use words related to “OZBARGAIN” or “BIRTHDAY” for your coupon codes.

How many deals are we able to post?

Store representatives are still limited by Posting Limits so most reps will only be able to post maximum 1 deal in 24 hours and 2 deals in 7 days. Therefore in the 48-hour OzBargain10 sale event, it is theoretically possible to post 2 deals that's more than 24 hours apart.

However do note that your posting limit might not be reset at the beginning of the sale. Therefore if you are currently hitting the limit (for example, posted the day before), you will still not be able to post again until the soft-ban has been lifted.

If your store is under Performance-Based Ban during the sale period, please contact the moderators (TWAM or email). If you do not yet have a store rep account, you can also email your deal to the moderators (use deals@ozbargain.com.au) but whether they will be posted is subjected to evaluation from the moderation team.

How will the deals be presented on OzBargain?


How much does it cost to be part of OzBargain10?

Nothing. OzBargain is an entirely free independent community. Rather than spending advertising, just give us the best deals.

Can we be listed as a featured merchant?

We don't have featured merchants however your deals will be listed on our OzBargain10 page. Your company will be listed as a participating merchant along with a link to your site.

Can OzBargain moderators post on behalf of merchants?

We know some merchants do not have an OzBargain account (due to social media policy, or in some case pure laziness). The preference has always been sign up a store account and use it to post deals (see Merchants FAQ). However if you really do not want to post the deals yourself, you could send the deals to the moderators – via TWAM forum or email to deals@ozbargain.com.au.

However there is no guarantee that your deal will be posted when you send it to the moderators. They will be analysed with a fine comb and only be posted when the moderators think they are good enough.

My store is banned on OzBargain! Can I still participate?

If your store is banned on OzBargain due to offences such as Sockpuppeting or Spamming, then no, your store will not be able to participate in the OzBargain10 birthday celebration event.

If your store is temporarily suspended due to either store rep posting limit or performance ban, please raise it with the moderators using TWAM forum. Please explain the situation + the deal you wish to share with the community.