Posting Referral Links

IMPORTANT: June 2017: The OzBargain Referral system is out of beta testing and our main source for referral links. Please use this forum discussion topic for feedback.

Posting Links in Content

Submitting Referral Code

OzBargain supports user-submitted referral code for many of the merchants. In order to submit your own referral code,

  • Merchants must be approved for referral links by OzBargain. All approved merchants will be listed later in this wiki page.
  • You must be a user on OzBargain.

You can then go to your account settings → referrals page to set up your referral codes for all the merchants that we are supporting.

Merchants included in System

Note: This is just a list of merchants that are in our referral system. Use this thread to suggest a merchant not listed.