What is a referral link or code?

This is an often confusing and provocative subject. It’s also an area that moderators have spent a lot of time seeking feedback, changing the guidelines as well as creating mechanisms to assist the system.

A referral link or code is something a company gives out to enable a customer to invite their friends. The company gains another customer, the existing customer earns a credit, and sometimes the new customer also gains credit. A win for all 3.

Example: Uber offers a referral code and link that existing customers can give out to others. Both the referrer and referee will receive a promo ride up to $10 value.

What is an affiliate link and how is it different?

Affiliate links are similar to the above but instead of getting paid in credit, they pay out in real money. One example is Amazon, where they pay a commission from every sale. Affiliate links are what the majority of websites use to monetize their sites are are usually run by affiliate networks such as DGM, Commission Junction, LinkShare, etc.

Referrals on OzBargain

The original simplistic idea was that if a member posted a deal and the store has a referral system, then they were free to mention that link or code in the deal. But like any true bargain hunters, the temptation to push their referral links everywhere meant that the site needed to come up with guidelines which are to this day still evolving.

Can I post a referral link or code in a deal?

No, referral links & codes are prohibited almost* everywhere on OzBargain; this includes all deal, forum and classified posts and comments.

Can I post a referral link or code in a comment?

No, referral links & codes are prohibited almost* everywhere on OzBargain; this includes all deal, forum and classified posts and comments. You may post competition referral links & codes in the comments of competition posts only. Do not ask others to private message (PM) you for a referral/affiliate link or code.

Can I post a referral link or code in a competition?

Yes, referral links & codes are not permitted in the body of the competition, but are allowed in the comments of the competition (one per user).

I saw a grey box in some deals mentioning referrals. What is that?

Any user can add their referral link into OzBargain’s automated system. Your link will be among other users in the random link section.

See also: Posting Referral Links.

How do I put my referral link into the system?

Go to *My Account - Edit - Referrals*.

What stores are in the automated system?

There are around 240 stores in the automated referral system including popular stores such as American Express, Groupon, Uber + more. Full List

I’ve added my link to the referral system and posted a deal but it is not showing in the grey box.

The OP’s referral link only shows if the deal reaches the front page (30 votes). This is to ensure that only good deals are posted.

Update 10 Feb 2021: The referral randomiser no longer shows the OP's referral code/link as a dedicated option, next to the random option, if the deal hits the front page. The referral randomiser will show the random option only, however the OP's code/link will have a higher chance of being selected, if the deal hits the front page.

Can I post a deal that is about a store’s referral system?

  • You may post a deal that is for the retailer's referral system, under the basis the referee also earns credit and it has not been posted previously (unless it is a temporary offer that had previously expired) or is already included in the OzBargain referral system.
  • Referral links or codes are not permitted in deals that are for the retailer's referral system.
  • A moderator will add the referral program to our referral system.
  • In the case of long running referral only deals: All subsequent “announcements” about the referral program shouldn't be posted as new deals, including updates to the referral program. This does not include limited time referral only deals where the previous offer was expired/ended and is now being offered again. You may post a forum topic about any updates to a referral program (with a link to the referral wiki or referral system only).
  • Examples: (1) Airbnb update their refer a friend credit from $32 to $34. As this is a long running referral only deal, updates to the referral program should not be posted as a deal. (2) A Bank has a promotion for the month of April, sign up to a new account and both the referee and referrer receive $50. In July they have the same promotion again - this can be posted as a new deal as it is not a long running referral deal and the previous offer had expired/ended.

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