List of Price Comparison Sites

Please list only price comparison sites in alphabetical order, sorted by category. A price comparison site should have

  • A search engine to allow you to search for products
  • Price lists of matched product(s) in sorted order from multiple merchants


General / Shopping



  • Vehicle Rental Prices
  • Fuel Prices
    • MotorMouth - Compare Fuel Prices between Metropolitan Service Stations
    • MotorMouth - Compare Fuel Prices between Regional Areas
    • Petrol Spy - User submitted fuel prices for all of Australia. In QLD includes supplier submitted prices regulated under QLD Government
    • Fuel Check NSW App - NSW Government official fuel price comparison app. Prices submitted by suppliers under government regulation.
  • Car Purchases
    • carloop - Compare new car dealer asking prices to what other car buyers are paying.


MyBeautyCompare - Beauty, makeup, skincare from Major Physical Retailers

Board Games


  • AbeBooks – huge range of new, used, rare, and out-of-print books.
  • Booko - Books and DVDS.
  • Bookfinder - books (lists abebooks listings & more overseas sites than booko does at times. worth checking at the same time as booko.com.au) – Ability to search for pre-ISBN books (which booko can not do). Specialised searches for signed books, first editions and textbooks.

Chemists & Pharmacies

ChemistCompare - Compare prices between major brick and mortar chemists & pharmacies.


  • Booko - Can also be used on Books and DVDs

Electricity & Gas

Electronics & Computers


  • Fashion Lane Price comparison website for fashion shoppers
  • the urge Fashion search engine
  • Shnap Visual search tool for fashion


Flights & Travel


  • ShopJam - Compares Coles, Woolworths and Chemist Warehouse (Android & iOS)
  • Grocery Getter - Compares Coles, Woolworths and Aldi (Android)
  • Unocart - Compares Coles and Woolworths (Android & iOS)
  • frugl - Compares Coles and Woolworths (Chrome & Safari)
  • Half Price - Half price sales on Woolworths, Coles and IGA (Android)
  • Grocery Specials - Grocery Specials (iOS)
  • compareclub - Compares Coles, Woolworths and other non-groceries stores (web)

Meal delivery

  • CompareMeals - Compares meal costs across 140+ Australian prepackaged meal delivery services


  • Lensprice.com.au - Compares Contact Lens Prices across more then 10 Australian online sellers
  • wheyfinder.com - Compares Fitness supplements and protein across Australian online stores

Home and Garden

  • FABTASTIC - Compares Furniture and Home Decor prices across the top Australian Retailers.


Government Sites:

Retail Sites:



  • 99PetShops - Compare pet supplies from over 50 Australian pet shops.

Video Games


General / Shopping


Electronics & Computers



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