A guide to using Telstra Prepaid Starter Packs

Given the changes by Telstra & suggestions by contributors, this will always be an ongoing project. Feel free to add factual information & experiences.

Only current Plan offers & conditions are listed. Those on older plans can access those via the link to the Old Wiki - see index above.

Most interesting HACKS to get extra value from these Starter Packs have been removed by Telstra (2017) :-(

Wiki having a major rewrite September 2017 after major changes to Telstra Plans & conditions. Some Plan & other details are out of date.

Selecting the correct SIM Starter Kit

There are currently four types of Pre-Paid Starter Kits:

  • $30 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit (Mobiles)
  • $30 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit (Tablets - possibly now DATA ONLY)
  • $10 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit (Mobiles)
  • $2 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit (Mobiles)
  • $2 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit (Tablets)

The $10 Starter Kit is a promotional offer that includes 1GB of data, unlimited calls & texts, with 7 days expiry. Occasionally, Telstra will run a promotion where they will up the amount of data in these kits by 5GB, as they did for Christmas in 2016. There has never been a sale for the $10 Starter Kit.

All of the above are available as a Tri-SIM bundle; that is, each kit contains a single SIM which can be used as a Nano, Micro or Full-size SIM.

SIMs in the Mobile or Tablet Kits were originally identical, but Tablet Starter Packs possibly can now only be activated on DATA offer. (please verify this information)


  • Full-sized SIMs are used in older phones, Android tablets, and Mobile Broadband devices;
  • Micro SIMs are used in modern Android phones, iPad and iPad 2;
  • Nano SIMs are used in iPhones and newer iPads.

You should check which size SIM you require before popping the SIM out of its card.

Note that SIM adapters are available cheaply from sites such as eBay to enable Nano or Micro SIMs to be used in larger slots. However, phone manufacturers do not recommend this as it can cause damage to SIM slots. Use these at your own peril.

Using Starter Kits for Calls, Text and Data

Selecting a Prepaid Plan

Users will need to consider their individual needs before selecting an offer. Note that, while every effort is made to keep this Wiki up-to-date, these offers change without notice. Check the Telstra website for up-to-date information.

[NEEDS UPDATING - CHANGED MID 2017] The offers, as of 26/1/17, are as follows:

Offer Inc. value Call rate SMS cost Data
Prepaid Plus $700, free calls to Telstra mobiles 39c + 89c/min Unlimited SMS 1.5GB + 1.5GB night (rolls over)
Simplicity $30 (60 day expiry) 0c + 15c/min 12c 10c/MB (per MB)
Long-life $30 (6 month expiry) 39c + 78c/min 29c $2/MB (per KB)

As of May 2017 transferring from Prepaid Plus to Simplicity or Longlife no longer transfers any Credit!

Starter Kits can be activated at http://livechat.telstra.com, by calling 1258887 or going to http://telstra.com/activate

[HACK!] If you want a long expiry with low rates, activate on Long Life then change your offer to Simplicity. You'll get a 6 month expiry with the low rates of Simplicity.

As of Jan 2018, the Telstra website has changed and it implies that transferring from Longlife no longer transfers any Credit!

How to do a CreditMe2U

CreditMe2U instructions

  • Online m.telstra.com from your device
  • Dial on phone: #100#, select 1-RECHARGE, then 5-CreditMe2u, enter phone number to transfer to, then dollar amount 1-10 (Quick shortcut: #100*1*5*‹recipient's mobile number›*‹dollar amount between 1 and 10›#)
  • Call or chat to manually transfer: 125 88 80 (May be told you can only do this once, but not so) Handy for larger transfers or if can't be done other ways.

CreditMe2U is not available on Prepaid Plus or current DATA Pass II PLANS

As of May 2017 transferring from Prepaid Plus to Simplicity or Longlife no longer transfers any Credit!

You can change your offer 10 times per year.

No longer can use the included Credit on Google Play!


Grandfathered Plans (unavailable to purchase, but can be recharged if existing user) like Encore & Freedom still have access.

Grandfathered Plans are also no longer able to use Credit on Google play from 3 December 2017:


Using Starter Kits for Data Only

Note that the SIMs from Starter Kits can be used in a phone acting as a wireless hotspot, or a dedicated Mobile Broadband device. There are several different types of these devices, and many different models. Before buying a device, ensure that it is capable of operating on the correct frequencies and bands for the Telstra network. Device settings may also need to be changed for Telstra internet.

$30 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit (Tablets - DATA ONLY) On Data Pass II Plan with 6GB of data, $0 Credit [please confirm!] No Calls or Text included

Further information on these offers is available in the Whirlpool thread.


Starter Kits are activated the same way for Data Pass as for other Pre-Paid offers. Simply phone Telstra or visit www.telstra.com/activate.

Note that it is not possible to port an existing number to a Data Pass using online activation; however, some users have reported success using Online Chat.

Data Rates

Current (as at 22/1/16) data rates are as follows:

Amount Data Expiry
$10 1GB 3 days
$20 2GB 7 days
$30 3GB 30 days
$50 5GB 365 days
$140 16GB 730 days

Using Recharge Credit on the Data Pass Offer

Data Pass does not allow users to transfer recharge credit via CreditMe2U. It can also be used for extra data, at the exorbitant rate of $2 per MB. It is therefore advised that users monitor their data usage, or may risk chewing through their recharge credit.

Old Wiki (Only for those with grandfathered offers - no longer available)

Other Tips, Benefits and Features

Cheap credit

eBay has banned the sale of CreditMe2U. So your only options are to wait for a sale on Starter Kits or buy from Gumtree.


With the exception of Prepaid Plus, only recharge credit will roll over. On Prepaid Plus, data allowances and call credit will roll over once only. So Month 1's credit may be used in Month 1 or Month 2, but not Month 3.

Credit or allowances which have been rolled over remain in separate “buckets”; older credit will be used first.

Managing Multiple SIMs

Telstra's MyAccount provides an easy way to manage multiple SIMs. During the activation process, you will be given the option to activate using your My Account details. This provides a central location to check balances and expiry dates for multiple SIMs. There does not appear to be a limit on the number of SIMs on one account.

[HACK!] SIMs with expired credit remain active for about 6 months & still receive calls & text. These make handy disposable numbers for things like online signups, selling on Gumtree, etc. Old numbers can be removed by contacting Live Chat.

Discount Offers


Telstra "Our Customer Terms". This is the authoritative document for all of Telstra's products and offerings.

Whirlpool Telstra Pre-Paid Wiki - highly recommended alternative Wiki. Much of this Wiki's information is drawn from that Wiki.

Whirlpool Telstra Starter Pack deals forum

Planhacker for advice on different plans on different networks

List of all those cheap Telstra deals on OzBargain

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the credit (or accumulated credits) from the starter pack be use to unlock a Telstra prepaid phone? A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the Data Pass offer in a phone? A: Yes! In fact, a cheap Android 4G phone which can be used as a wireless hotspot is often cheaper than a 4G dongle. You can even receive calls and SMS messages on the Data Pass plan. But you can't make calls or send messages, use credit with Play or creditme2u.

Q: Can I use the Prepaid Plus offer in a mobile broadband device? A: Yes. You may also be able to send SMS messages if your device is compatible.

A short history of this Wiki...

It grew out of a Telstra Starter Pack deal by cdaddy. We had frequently discussed all the different options using Telstra Starter Packs. A MOD requested it become a Wiki. cdaddy put together an outline of Plans & SIM types in Mid 2014, some of which still remain.

Brucefromaustralia (now Infidel) fleshed that out, added an index, lots of information, and 'managed' the wiki until 19/6/15, when left after personal attacks.

The wiki has endured, but not updated as frequently & became bloated with old information. Major edit conducted on 9/17 - an ongoing process! Old plan details are now accessible by link rather than included in this Wiki.

Many have contributed already & others will make it far better.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (DNA)