General Information

Wi-Fi enables devices such as computers, gaming consoles, smartphones, audio players and many other electrical devices to connect to a computer network wirelessly. Depending on how the individual network is setup, access to resources such as files and printers will be determined by the Network Administrator.

Generally the internet will also be available, however the user must remain in the range of the wireless signal otherwise the device will disconnect from the network.

Many laptops and smartphones these days are Wi-Fi enabled, however, in the case of a device of not being wi-fi enabled, say a computer, you can simply buy a Wireless USB and connect if from there, or either, buy a Wi-Fi module and connect it to your PC/Gaming Console.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

  • Many cafes, libraries, hotels and other businesses accross Australia offer complimentary Wi-Fi internet access. See http://www.freewifi.com.au for a searchable directory of locations. Downloads are usually limited.
  • There is also a list of Wi-Fi hotspot locations in a dedicated OzBargain forum post here.