Free Wi-Fi Locations in Australia

Due to the increasing number of sites offering free public Wi-Fi, we have created this thread for users to add the locations as they find them in the comments below.

Please also see and for other wifi hotspots (these websites are updated semi regularly). Link to guidelines

To get things started:

Adelaide CBD & North Adelaide
Thanks to treeman

Look for 'AdelaideFree' access points. No limits as such (performance may vary, especially when using indoors)

Adelaide Metro Tram Services
Thanks to Kados

Bank of Melbourne - Every Branch
Thanks to Baysew

Brisbane CBD
Thanks to quop

Brisbane/Queensland Rail City Network Trains (newer ones only)
Thanks to quop

Caltex Star Mart
Limited usage per day. Star Mart only (not Woolworths petrol sites). Thanks to hamza23

Canberra - Civic Edge
Thanks to AznMitch

Coles - Selected Stores
Thanks to JJ

Commonwealth Bank - Possibly Selected Branches
Thanks to Sage

David Jones - Selected Stores
Thanks to JJ

Hungry Jack's - Most Locations Australia Wide
Thanks to inasero

Limited to 30 mins and 100mb of data.

Ikea Stores
Thanks to jdf

McDonald's - Most Locations Australia Wide
Thanks to easternculture

Limited to 50mb of data.

Melbourne central, and qv and emporium
Thanks to cloudy

NBN - Free Wi-Fi at Evacuation Centres in Fire-Impacted Areas in NSW and VIC

Thanks to dealbot

Perth CBD
Thanks to bargained

Free blanket WiFi internet access across its CBD area. Users have a download limit of 50mbs per connection. Once this limit is reached users will need to reconnect to the service. If users do not exceed their download limit they can remain connected to the network for an hour. After an hour users will need to reconnect

Target West Lakes SA + Others
Thanks to hairy1egs

Telstra Payphone Areas - Look for the pink Signs
Thanks to marka

Victorian Government

Free public WiFi is available outdoors in the Melbourne CBD including Bourke St Mall, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Museum and on platforms at CBD train stations.

It is also available in central Ballarat and central Bendigo.

Westfield Shopping Centres - Selected Locations - More Coming
Thanks to whodidthat

Being rolled out to 21 locations, starting March 2015. Westfields remaining 23 sites are expected to receive it at some point in 2016. Free Wi-Fi is courtesy of Optus, has a 1GB data and 3 hour time limit.

Woolworths - Selected Stores
Thanks to JJ


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    I can't be 100% sure but I think I read somewhere that Maccas has free WiFi. .

    • Maybe, you might find the answer here.

    • They have had for a couple years, but it usually doesn't work well, and has many restrictions.

    • There's at least one app for that, & it claims to collect access codes (presumably via Crowdsourcing).

      PS IKEA's cafeteria has free WiFi, if it wasn't mentioned above.

  • Just as a suggestion, wouldn't it be better to have free WiFi locations as a wiki page on wiki?

    • Nobody maintains it, that's the problem. I have created two wiki pages so far, encouraged people to keep it up to date but AFAIK the Wiki is rarely visited by most people.

      • +1

        There's a wiki?

      • True, I recently discovered the existence of the wiki.
        Also even though it is a wiki, I was always wrongly getting the gist that it was for mods and those people who are familiar with the ozbargain to edit and maintain. I think it's because I only go in there for guidelines and rules.

    • Yeah we contemplated that, however the forums have better visibility, furthermore if a deal is posted for free wi-fi, we can merge it into this forum topic with a press of a button (both the original post and comments). Users will also be directed to this forum through that unpublished deal and discussion can be had below, which can't be done in the wiki as such.

      There is also the issue of some users not feeling comfortable using the wiki and general lack of awareness of it's existance (including the existing wi-fi page there).

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    Took a day to make this decision without a forum post for the community to discuss it's merits. I'm amazed that it was able to be done.

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    Free Wi-Fi trial near Telstra Payphone areas (Look for the pink Wifi sign above their pay phones)

    30 minutes free.

    • Also at Telstra stores - many of which have fibre and will get you 100+ mbps.

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    Free WiFi around Civic East (around the city centre and toward Braddon) in Canberra, 250MB limit, it seems.

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    Do people actually use free wifi?

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      Living up to your namesake I see.

      Yes, people do use it, they wouldn't bother spending money building networking infrastructure and providing these services if nobody asked for it.

    • Wherever you are and whatever you are doing if an open WIFI comes up I join!! just coz I can! even if I don't need it.
      Annoying though coz a lot of the times overseas it requires a log in with CC:(

      • Do you use the connection? And how secure is your computer/internet services?

        People can do quite a lot to track what you're doing, steal your account details, identity, etc depending on what you're doing online. All those emails you just downloaded in outlook? good chance someone else has just read them…

        At the very least, you should be using a good quality (trusted) VPN whenever you use a free/public network.

    • I have 3gb p/m prepaid and when I runout a few times a year I go to freewifi hotspots. Or if I need to download big files. Or stop to use it while travelling.
      So it's 'useful as' for me quite often.

  • Lifehacker did a post the other day listing some free Wi-Fi in capital cities.

    E.g. "Brisbane City Council offers free Wi-Fi in the CBD and a range of 22 city parks. It’s limited to a 512kbps download speed and a maximum daily usage of five hours daily."

    • 512kbps? That's only technically a connection.

  • guys, what is wifi?

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      google it.

  • I was thinking of editing the Wiki page for free wifi after I saw the Telstra one today. (then I decided to do other things)

    I believe Commonwealth Bank has free wifi.

    • Anyone know about cba?
      I tried Merredin and Kwinana WA, and could connect but can't surf anywhere.
      Is it just for their own website?

  • Why is this just Australia and not world wide.
    If any free wifi crap should be in a forum its places that are overseas

    • Free Wi-Fi Overseas thread, directly below this thread.

      • Oh great.. Thank you :)

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        Why is this just world wide and not galaxy wide.
        If any free wifi crap should be in a forum its places that are in space.

        Why aren't there any good deals for Virgin Galatic ?

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    Just balancing this thread:
    Nothing in life is free.

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    @hamza23, can you please add Ikea to the list too.

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    Adelaide Metro tram services in Adelaide offer free wi-fi.
    I know a fair few Target stores and some select Coles supermakets do as well.

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    For those who aren't already aware, there are security risks in using free public Wi-Fi. See

    On a different note, there's free Wi-Fi on (the newer) Queensland Rail city network trains:

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    Target West Lakes SA has free wifi but don't know if there is any limit…oops already been said please delete

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    Melbourne central, and qv and emporium has free WiFi.

    Also I think some Woolies stores and target stores have WiFi.
    Plus fed square.

    All in Melbourne.

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    Avoid free WIFI if you can avoid it. I know you don't want to hear this but its a huge security risk. Its very easy for someone who knows what they are doing to trick your phone to connect to their "device" by making it look like a free WIFI hotspot that you connected to before (by copying its MAC address and SSID) and your phone/laptop/tablet will automatically connect to it without even asking and leak all sorts of data.

    Only way to avoid this is to disable / forget the free WIFI hotspot you connected to after using it but no one does this.

    Google about "Wifi Pineapple" if you are interested.

  • Kwinana WestAust's main shopping centre in Parmelia (formerly The Hub). We have been flooded with free Wifi.
    - Maccas -> pretty useless.
    - Coffee shop near BigW -> pretty useless
    - Public Library & Dome Cafe As well as Youth Centre nearby and at the Council to the north also -> Available 24/7. All work from carpark and much better after hours. Banned if try Torrents unless go thru VPN.
    - Active Fitness, ok but cant get too great of signal, except at rear near bobjanes carpark.
    -Podiatrist -> Fastest freewifi in the west, probably dont use in office hours. 24/7.
    - TAB, Decent but again after hours works well. 24/7.

    Rockingham Shopping Centre also has free wifi inside, sporatic usability. Try in or just west of food hall, for an alternative very good freewifi (I forgot name).
    Both Maccas & HJ's in Rocko has freewifi but may be useless during day. 24/7

    • Podiatrist and TAB were no-op when I checked.
      Active Fitness still good 24/7.
      Council, youth centre and Dome/Libary have the same provider, and are all still working.
      There is also a new one outside the new Autobaun workshop at the back of the shopping centre area.
      And also one just east of the Golf course entrance.

  • I feel like this is the perfect candidate for a public collaborative google map with the locations marked as pins and/or regions. This can combine both Australia and overseas sites.

    So I've started one which you can edit here: If you want to add your points to that. I've only put the Officeworks free wifi on there as I was just down there.

    Also, if you want to view in the maps app:

    Go forth OzBargainers!

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    Add Target.

  • Merged from Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Coming Soon to Your Local Maccas (Mymacca's Required) TBA

    Deal Posting Guidelines

    like it says in the title

    Free Unlimited WiFi coming soon

    Run out of data or just wanting to horde the WiFi and have all the time in the world?
    Go to maccas and buy a soft serve and sit there for hours!

    • how much better will it be compared their normal free wifi? (speed wise I mean as it normally isnt much better than dial up)

      • I think, if what I remember is correct, they have a limit on the amount of the data (can't remember how big the limit). I might be wrong since it's been a while since I've not been to one for a long time and my memory is a bit fuzzy there.

        • It's only something like 50 or 100meg which is fine but the speed is shocking.
          Maybe this new one will be better.

        • +1

          @PVA: Yeah, I do remember regarding it as non-existent on my last visit. Though it is apparently going to be "unlimited", I assume a lot will be changed.

    • There's always been free WiFi at all the Macca's I've been.

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    Some new on the run stores have free wifi (new one opened up in Fullarton SA and has free wifi as well as usb charging point and powerpoint to charge devices).

    • Looks like free Wi-Fi available SA wide at OTR now. Facebook post

      To utilise the FREE service, connect now in store using: 'OTR_Guest'

  • Is there any where i can download a 3gb file over free wifi around parramatta

  • I also use Free Wi-Fi as well. But not all the time it's serve good.

  • WA NOR -


    A free Wi-Fi service is available in all of the City's Public Libraries, which are located at:

    Dianella: Waverley Street, Dianella
    Inglewood: 895 Beaufort Street, Inglewood
    Karrinyup : Davenport Street, Karrinyup
    Mirrabooka: 21 Sudbury Place, Mirrabooka
    Osborne: 9 Royal Street, Tuart Hill
    Scarborough: 173 Gildercliffe Street, Scarborough

    A free Wi-Fi service is also available at the following locations:

    Stirling Leisure Centre Balga: Princess Road, Balga
    Stirling Leisure Centre Mirrabooka: 38 Ashbury Crescent, Mirrabooka (includes Herb Graham Recreation Centre and Mirrabooka Square).
    Stirling Leisure Centre Balga: Princess Road, Balga.
    Stirling Leisure Centre Karrinyup: Davenport Street, Karrinyup.
    Stirling Leisure Centre Scarborough: 173 Gildercliffe Street, Scarborough (includes Day Care and Child Care Centres).
    City of Stirling Administration Centre, 25 Cedric Street, Stirling
    City of Stirling Depot, Natalie Way, Balcatta.
    Stirling Leisure Centres Hamersley: Belvedere Road, Hamersley WA 6022
    Stirling Leisure Centres Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre Inglewood: 62 Alexander Drive, Inglewood WA 6052

    How to connect - Select the 'Stirling-Free-WiFi' network. Agree to terms.

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    Merged from [VIC] Free Public Wi-Fi Pilot (Melbourne CBD, Central Ballarat and Central Bendigo) @ VicFreeWiFi
    Go to Deal

    Hi All

    Just came across this information when looking for some wifi. The speeds are not too bad for browsing. Details from the website below:

    Welcome to VicFreeWiFi, the largest outdoor free public Wi-Fi network of its kind in Australia.

    Free public WiFi is available outdoors in the Melbourne CBD including Bourke St Mall, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Museum and on platforms at CBD train stations.

    It is also available in central Ballarat and central Bendigo.

    The VicFreeWiFi pilot is managed and maintained by telecommunications company TPG and allows for up to 1GB per device, per day and does not require personal information or feature pop-up advertising.

    To login to VicFreeWiFi:

    Look up available networks on your device
    Select 'VicFreeWiFi'
    Accept the terms and conditions

    • +3

      this isn't 2009 anymore

      • +4

        Ha! You got me there. But this has been handy when I ran out of data on my mobile.

    • …great service, just treat free wifi with suspicion. Assume anything you type on it can be sniffed, so don't log onto anything - in particular banks. Ideally use a vpn client so your traffic is encrypted.

      • +1


        • Well, kinda. White hat here. Https is much better than nothing but you need to trust the certificates that come with your computer (that can be old or compromised) and only authorize certificates that you trust. The biggest issue though is the ap on a free wifi site can be compromised (eg changing the dns) enabling fake websites (with https) to masquerade as real ones. Also make sure you don't click on a link on an http site that launches a secure session as the original link may be compromised.

          Basically, manually change your dns to point to (say) the google ip addresses and only use saved bookmarks or key in manually to launch sites…. or use a vpn.

          • @PlasticSpaceman:

            manually change your dns to point to (say) the google ip addresses

            The compromised access point can redirect your DNS requests. This is trivial to do.

            The safest option on any public wifi is to use a VPN that you trust.

    • This has been available for several years now.

    • I knew about Melbourne, but will be handy when I visit Ballarat & Bendigo. Thank you.

  • Does Coles still have free wifi?
    The link is broken.

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