Coles donating all of Friday's profits to the Bushfire Appeal Fund

May not be a bargain per se, though if you normally shop at Coles, you can make an extra donation by doing your shopping on Friday instead of some other day. I'm thinking their profit margin is significant so let's go and clean up their shelves this Friday by stocking up. Who knows, maybe Woolworths is forced into jumping onboard too? (they donated $1 mill that I know of)

I think it would be good if it's on the main page for awareness (Scotty, delete it if you don't agree), no need to have more then the minimum 5 votes either.

Mentioned here yesterday:

Source: Coles donates profits to bushfire appeal.pdf

Shop on Friday and help support Victoria's bushfire victims

Coles is asking customers to plan their supermarket shop for this Friday (13 Feb), to help raise badly needed funds for the victims of the Victorian bushfires.

Coles, BiLo, Pick N.Pay and Coles Online are donating this Friday.s profits from all stores nationally to the Bushfire Appeal Fund, and hope to raise between two and four million dollars.

Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009

As WaywardOne has suggested, it can be more effective to donate directly to Australian Red Cross.

The 2009 Victorian Bushfire Fund to assist individuals and communities affected by devastating bushfires in Victoria has been launched by the Premier John Brumby in partnership with Red Cross and the Federal Government. A number of corporate organisations including NAB, ANZ, CBA and Wesfarmers have also contributed to the fund.

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  • This trumps Woolies' offer of donating profits to farmers next Friday.

    I sure will be making a special trip to Coles on Friday after work.

  • i don't understand this, i submitted this an hour ago and it was deleted??

    • Well, I removed it because I thought it was more appropriate in the forums as it was already mentioned in the forums. Scotty? other mods?

      • It's still a bargain if the retailer makes no profits selling stuff :p
        I wouldn't have think of coles on a friday if not for this. Keep it here just for this tragedy, and thanks to hearty Gecko and Icy too.

        • Right, and understandably it's a tragedy and it's great of Coles to donate its profits for Friday. But…on the same hand, one could post the AFL game on Friday (ticket sales go to charity), the Cricket game today, a link to the Red Cross website, the Channel 9 telethon on Thursday etc, etc.

          • @neil: i disagree on this point..

            Usually you'd have to pay money to donate to the bush fire appeal.

            In this bargain, any profits they make from your regular groceries, are put into the bush fire appeal. So, you're donating anywhere between a few bucks to a hundred bucks for free!

            • @Gecko: That's a good point if you usually shop at Coles on say Saturday, then shopping on Friday would be more beneficial. If I can I will shop at Coles on Friday as its my normal grocery store.

              It would be better if they just donated X amount of money instead of the consumers scratching their back, and then forwarded over whatever money they decide is profits. Can they actually calculate daily profit? What transparency is there and will they post what the daily cost of business is on Friday? They can also choose to write off one time expenses onto Friday. How about items that are loss leaders, below cost, and advertised products? Sorry, I just see this more as a publicity stunt.

              By at least donating money directly to the Red Cross or whatever charity, at least you know that most of it will go directly. I've donated my money directly but to each his own.

              • @neil: Well my research shows Friday's are generally the slower days for supermarkets (hence woolies doing the same thing next friday as well for farmers).

                Regardless,We should look at the bigger picture. Yes executive payments are a joke but so were sub prime loans but Coles and Woolies are one of our biggest employers which means money in peoples pay packets, can't change whats happened but at least they've chosen to do something.

                I'm sure there are corporations out there who haven't been able to do the same, and probably not by choice but because they do not know what the future holds for them.

      • Ah okay, at least I have a little closure on that :)

        +1 to keeping this bargain on the front page.

    • I actually came on to see if it was posted and couldn't find it (except the forum reference) so I posted it. It's only a bargain if you shop at Coles and want to make a donation so instead you take your donation money and go and do a bulk buy on Friday.

      See what Scotty says, I don't mean to take any credit for this and the votes shouldn't count anyway seeing that everybody would approve of these types of efforts.

      • Look, who cares whether it is a "bargain" or not a "bargain". I think Stix sums it up perfectly

        "Not technically a bargain but happy to give a +ve to support a worthy cause."

      • nono, sorry, I didn't mean it like that.

        I was wondering why it got deleted in the first place, by all means, neither of us deserve the credit for this… I picked it up from a twitter feed and you got it from the forums ;)

  • Now this is one grocery submission I think we can all agree deserves to be on this site…

  • yeah its coles on Friday..

    Poor people :(

  • Not technically a bargain but happy to give a +ve to support a worthy cause.

  • move votes = better. If it gets into the "top deals" it will have a higher visibility.

  • This post has now been moved to forum as it's not related to deals/bargains.

  • At the rate this is going we might all agree that if not taken off, Scotty should give next week's $20 to the appeal or do $40 worth of shopping at Coles to donate $20 while getting $40 worth of stuff (assuming 50% profit margin).

    To be fair, Woolworths is giving their profits for the following Friday to the farmers.

    EDIT: Oops spoke too soon, he removed it while I was typing this ;o)p

  • Yes — this is not a deal and I have to move it over to the forums.

    HOWEVER, I will make a link back to this post on every page for the next few days just to draw attention to all visitors. Reposting non-deal again will be deleted.

    (Edited) — @Icy, please post the link back again, and the mods will modify the posts to collect all the info on how we can support in this time of crisis.

  • Going by (the 2007 Annual Report) they made about a 2.28% profit after tax in 2007. I don't think things have improved for them financially since then. Hence for every $100 you spend, you are donating roughly $2.28 to the bushfire victims. Overall across the country it is pretty good; however if you are feeling generous donate directly through red cross.

    • 2.28% is not much at all, but that's for the whole group no? Coles Express reads as 51.3% profit on that pdf while food & liquor is 9.5% (Coles, Bi-Lo, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars, 1st Choice) and doesn't give Coles only number. Still if you're doing shopping at Coles try and move it to Friday even if it's packed out as profits go to bushfire appeal as opposed to the usual place.

      EDIT: Profit is given from Coles, BiLo, Pick'N'Pay and Coles Online…

  • shouldn't people be donating directly instead of buying other things just 'for a good cause'? The logic simply escapes me.

    • Indeed. If you would like to donate, give the money to Red Cross or charity organisations which would be more effective. However "generosity" is apparently not in everyone's dictionary, and Coles' (and many other retailers') offer is a good incentive to get people to take money out from their wallet…

    • I'd agree — donations to the Red Cross are tax deductible too. However you may prefer your generosity to go to the ATO and Wesfarmers.

    • +1 vote

      Personally I'm donating at work, the company is matching $2 for every $1, but it won't stop me dropping past Coles on the way home this Friday ;)

    • If your a grocery shopper (most are these days) its a good idea, no tricks, no gimmicks - its for a worthy cause, no brainer for me anyway.

  • Don’t support corporations trying to get advertising off the back of a disaster.

    • Mate that is as simplistic a comment you can come across, I ask what is the alternative?

      I'm no economist but I do have enough knowledge of what is going outhere in business land that directly affects contributions for arguably one of the most worthy causes this country has seen yet.

      You don't need me to remind you and I dont want to sound alarmist but we've had one of the biggest stock market crashes we've seen due to a crisis in credit, add to that detioriating business conditions and consumer confidence going down the gurgler, all this affects not only you and me but corporations also who are the majority employers in the economy.

      I'm sorry but I reject your comment, unfortunately beggars can't be choosers at the moment and I'm sure the good people of Victoria who have lost life, property and personal possessions don't have time for this dribble either, they need all the help they can get, we are not clever enough to know what is around the corner - we are just as human as they are, give generously.

      • In all due respect Nat, just because people are suffering doesn't mean we should throw are money away at anything that comes by. Last time I checked this was a bargain site? Making emotional decisions with money is a bad idea. While what Coles is doing is better than nothing, they could have just donated profits from last week, or just donate the 2.5-3 million that they seek. What they are doing is getting free marketing and guaranteeing one day of business where they actually break even. At a 2.3% profit, I would guess that there are some days where they lose money.

        If all those people who shopped at Coles would directly donate greater than $2 then we would be raising more money. Unfortunately, there will be people who will just shop at Coles and consider that their donation and never give a direct donation to the bushfires. So yes beggars can be choosers as they can choose to donate to the wildlife, RSPCA, World Vision etc instead of a corporate entity that is grossly mismanaged and whose key shareholders are companies like JP Morgan, another grossly mismanaged company.

        • Just a note, the profit is 10% in the pdf mentioned above for food & drinks division, while food is the one donating the profits so hundreds of stores *10% comes to a bit if people who would shop there anyway move it to Friday instead.

          So double the people, double the donation and if you don't like corporations even more reason to move your shopping to Friday…

        • First off - full disclosure, I have relatives that work for Coles, so if you think I am biased then please ignore everything written below.

          Secondly, I do think it is very sensible of the people here not only wanting to do their bit for the victims, but making sure any help they give is maximised. However, I think a point has been missed in your previous post Neil, and a few of the other nay-sayers.

          Beggars can not be choosers - I think the post was referring to the victims receiving the money, not the generous folk who are handing it over. Those that lost property and loved ones I don't think would care where the money comes from, as long as it comes.

          My other point is - yes, there are obviously business motives behind all the corporate donations, but as long as it helps the victims who cares? And I have not seen any advertising that says "Don't donate directly, shop at coles instead!".

          The idea is surely donate what you can - and hey, you need groceries anyway, why not shop at coles and then a little bit extra goes to the victims. Why does donating to the Red Cross and buying your groceries on Friday become mutually exclusive?

          Sure, there is some business motives behind the activity - but ignoring all that if you need to do your grocery shopping today, just hold off for one day and a little bit extra goes to the people that need it.

          I am not trying to start a flame war with the negative comments above, I do think your heart is in the right place, but some good can come from shopping at coles on Friday. Then next week, go back to your normal grocery shopping habits.

        • Neil - appreciate your comments, Yes this is a bargain site but I think you would agree this isn't your everyday (no disrespect to other causes) cause or event were looking at, and warrants more than just throwing your money at it. Mate this is now officially the worst peace time disaster Australia has seen and excuse me if I do get emotional along with many other Australian's - some are comparing this on a wartime scale, strength is whats needed and support more so.

          Yea I'm no supporter of corporations and what they do with their market power etc. but I trully believe we need to put our differences aside and really make an effort to help these people, pardon the pun but to put more fuel to the fire, the fires may have been deliberately lit, so some deranged person could be responsible for the murder of these families, wildlife, townships the list goes on.

          Shopping at Coles this Friday is just one of many things you can do, of course you don't have to but why wouldn't you make the effort if your a grocery shopper anyway. I've just heard Allianz have offered $5k cash payments to customers and will get onto the others to match/beat this, many here should try to.

  • You dont have to have money to donate. You can donate 5 minutes.

    Your voice survey site is allowing its members to donate 50points which equates to $5 to Australian Red Cross. By referring just one member you get $10 to donate. I have so far donated $30and would like all ozbargain members to do so.

    If you are already a memeber please refer friends and donate at least $10. If you are not a member please sign up through my link below so that i can refer on your behalf. [EDITED LINK,NO REFERRALS]

    I am preety sure we have more than a 1000 members in this forum and if each member donates $10 that would be $10,000. Tats a lot of money. Enough for someone to start building their home.

    Please take part in this campaign. End 25th Feburuary

    • While yourvoice sounds good I've removed the affliate link as your previous posts are affiliate links to other websites, where nothing was mentioned about donating money. Secondly, theres no guarantee that you won't just cash it out and make up to $10,000 for yourself.

  • For all those interested, the end tally was $4,870,889 donated thanks to shoppers at Coles, BiLo, Pick N.Pay and on last Friday. This amount doesn't include the amount donated by shoppers at the checkout, which was another $3,427,425 last week. Just goes to show the generosity of Australians when someone is in need.

  • It's great that Coles donated so much but does anyone else think it's strange that they make this much money in a day and then tell us that their prices are not to high.
    I know that more shoppers went to Coles for this particular day but I still feel that I am getting ripped off.

    • The massive amount just goes to show how many people changed their shopping habits just to support those in need. This isn't just a Coles thing, it really shows the true colours of the average Australian.

      There was many other things that went into making sure profit was maximised on the day as well - but this isn't the space for me to preach about those things.

      • But on profits for supermarkets, I think a post earlier quoted the financials. Public traded companies have their end of year financials available online for all to see.