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Canon IXUS 500 HS $73.50 at Dick Smith


Saw this camera in store with a price tag of $98.00 called Harvey and Teds and both said that there is no way in hell they would price match, even when I challenged Harvey's price match guarantee. Went to Dicks today, still had the $98.00 price tag and when I purchased the price was $73.50. Limited stocks, but some stores still have in SA, best to call

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Dick Smith / Kogan
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  • bargain

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    Dick Smith have this weekend a further 25% off all the clearance items so look for the yellow stickers with clearance on them you will find a bargain

  • were there any left in golden grove?

    • They had three, I know that Mount Barker also had a few

  • cannot find on DS online :(

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    'Harvey Norman staff said that there is no way in hell they would price match'

    I think the staff member was trying to clue you in where you were. ;)

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      When he came back to the phone with "My manager said that is way below our cost we can't match that" I said "so your price match guarantee is a lie" there was a pause that seemed to last three hours.

      • Good on you, you kept them honest to their word. I wonder what they had to say about that

      • Hey, just tried looking for said price match garuntee and could only find this:

        1. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply where:

        (b) the lower price is conditional, or a price determined after the allowance of any amount for, or is part of a promotion involving, financing, installation, delivery, bundling, rebates, cash back offer, free or bonus offer, trade discount, stock clearance or any limited quantity promotion

        Again on Harvey's Corp. site:
        At Harvey Norman we promise to never be beaten on a price. If you find a cheaper price just tell us and we’ll match or even beat it. We even match our competitor’s sale prices.*

        …Items must be in-stock at that competitor and be identical in brand and model to the one offered. You must supply us with full details of the competitor’s offer, or a current copy of the competitor’s advertisement. This policy does not apply to offers that involve bundling of items, free items, limited quantities, negotiated prices or quotes, clearance items, or purchases made on consumer finance.

        You just accused someone of lying where you yourself didn't understand the policy to begin with. Pat yourself on the back for being ignorant and belligerent over a $70 clearance item with some high school kid.

  • Wah? Is that a pricing mistake? This camera is still ~$200 online.

    • No, I'm told by the sellers that its soon to be discontinued, but other retailers are sticking with the $200.00 zone. It's definitely no price match, just a bargain price (obviously more so this weekend with the extra discount).

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    well done on grabbing a bargain. good cameras canon ixus are.

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    I can't check store stock.

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    Ps, I had the option of blue or red when I purchased. Pic on box shows silver.

  • thanks

  • Bought one it however confused now. Is photo quality of this camera better than mobile (iphone) photos, read some reviews (says ok)?

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    Saw this camera in store with a price tag of $98.00 called Harvey and Teds and both said that there is no way in hell they would price match, even when I challenged Harvey's price match guarantee.

    Technically in this case Harvey Norman could get out of price match by this clause:

    …as advertised in a local daily newspaper, catalogue, radio, television advert or website.

    It only shows the price on Dick Smith website if you do a "click and collect". So if you call them up they're unlikely to find evidence of the price.

    They certainly don't make it easy for you.

    3. To be eligible for the Harvey Norman Best Price Guarantee, you must provide to the Relevant Franchisee on the date of your purchase, or within seven (7) days after the date of purchase, evidence of any genuine competitor’s advertised price for identical product (ie, same brand, colour, model and quality) as advertised in a local daily newspaper, catalogue, radio, television advert or website. The competitor must have, or had the identical product in stock at the time the product was purchased by you.

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      Fine print cannot contradict the large print.

      And what's wrong:

      or website. The competitor must have, or had the identical product in stock at the time the product was purchased by you.

      Harvey Norman is breaking the law, please report them to ACCC.

  • I have been reading a few review about this camera and all appears to be pretty bad!! I am now wondering whether this camera is worth getting or not?!

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      There are haters on any item, but I read many before purchase that raved. Two camera stores also said its an excellent unit when I called them, it's Canon!

  • Wow, what a boxy camera. But that's a great price. The 12x zoom is nice. Good on you.

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    Sent wife in, comes home with it @ $70 inc xtra year cover… true.

    • Sweet! Let us know how the shots turn out.

    • Wow..that's really good. Is this a brand new camera or ex-display model?

      • Brand new, did it @ $50 + extra year @ $20…

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      Can I ask your wife to get me one? ;P

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    Read some more reviews and major complaint was the price re quality of shot on full zoom. At under $80 for a camera that used to be near $300 you can't go wrong, if you want amazing low light shots on full zoom, get a SLR, weighing it up, I'm happy with this price, especially as a first camera for my daughter. :^)

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        Quick someone shoot me dead for the error of my post. I will never again be so careless. Now where is my, "how to post on ozbargain.com without upsetting people" kindle eddition?

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          You must learn the art of being a "professional". - Sun Tzu

        • You should read the book first? :-)

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      Great point and shoot camera. Bought one this afternoon and been using it all afternoon. Good macro. Good zoom. Picture quality looks good in sunlight. I'll try low light conditions tonight. Shame it doesn't do RAW but there aren't many point and shoots that do that anyway.

      It wouldn't be a bargain at the $300 original price. But for under $80 this is hard to beat.

      • You can get hacked firmware for many models of canon camera - you might be able to regain RAW with one of them.

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    Thanks OP Got one for $65.00

    • Where did you get that one from? Thanks.

    • Hi, is this ex-display or brand new?

  • Nice deal, couldn't resist with the extra 25% off clearance items.
    Scored the last display units at Northpark, SA.

    Canon IXUS 500HD $73.50
    Olympus TG820 $96.00

    • Great price on the TG820

  • Ingle Farm SA - two in stock - both on hold.

  • Might give it a miss after watching the hands on review here.

  • scored the last one at chullora - thanks Op

  • Got a red from Waurn Ponds VIC - very happy.

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    They offered a 1 year extended warranty for $2. Not something I usually go for but for $2 why not.

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    Other cameras reduced today.

    $36.75 - Fujifilm Instax Mini7 Instant Camera - XG6576
    $36.75 - Fujifilm Instax Mini7 Instant Camera - XG6579
    $58.50 - NIKON S3300 Digital Camera Red - XG0956
    $58.50 - NIKON S3300 Digital Camera Pink - XG0955
    $58.50 - SONY W630 Digital Camera Black - XG1534
    $58.50 - SONY W630 Digital Camera Violet - XG1535
    $73.50 - SONY W690 Digital Camera Black - XG1538
    $73.50 - CANON IXUS500HS Digital Camera Blue - XG0602
    $73.50 - CANON IXUS500HS Digital Camera Red - XG0603
    $73.50 - CANON IXUS125HS Digital Camera Black - XG0638
    $96.00 - OLYMPUS TG820 Digital Camera Black - XG0989
    $96.00 - OLYMPUS TG820 Digital Camera Red - XG0990
    $111.00 - PANASONIC V10 Camcorder Black - XG1221
    $133.50 - CANON PowerShot D20 Camera Blue - XG0606
    $134.25 - NIKON AW100 Digital Camera Camouflage - XG6832
    $186.00 - SONY HX20V Digital Camera Black - XG1522
    $223.50 - SONY PJ200 Projector Camcorder Black - XG1501
    $366.00 - CANON EOS 1100D SLR Camera Twin Lens Kit IS Black (EF-S18-55mm IS II and EF75-250mm IS II lens) - XG3077
    $409.50 - NIKON V1 Compact Series Camera Twin Lens Kit Black - XG3558
    $522.75 - NIKON D5100 SLR Camera Twin Lens Kit Black - XG3551
    $598.50 - CANON EOS-M Compact System Camera Twin Lens Kit Black - XG0722

    They aren't listed on the dse website. Search 'dick smith' and the product code on google. It will say "This product has been discontinued online". Check store stock is working. You might be able to use click and collect.

    I got the Canon 1100D with Twin lens for $347 (ex display). I'm keeping the 75-250mm and selling the camera with the 18-55mm IS II lens.

  • Paid $98.00 at Helensvale DSE and sales guy offered me extended warranty cover for only 50 cents, when it would normally be $20.00. So all up it was $98.50.

    • I went to the Wynnum QLD store, the lazy old checkout clerk didnt even bother checking on his system if they had any, he just said "if it is not on display, they are out"….as for extended warranties, you guys are lucky you got it for $.50 or $2…while I was in line…a gentlemen bought a $76 camera (it was not the IXUS) and I overheard the cashier charge him $20 for the extra 1 year warranty…(total of 2 years but the manufacturer gives 1 year anyway)…

      • I know what you mean, whenever I go to DSE all the staff seem to be aged 15 or 16 and don't know what the hell I'm talking about when I ask about a product they sell, or if they stock a certain item. DSE was better in my opinion when Dick Smith owned the company.

  • Ozbargained at liverpool, last one was sold 5mins before me

  • last two in Perth store… ex-display or returned to fix by customer…

    i took the returned to fix by customer.

    this is a return item and they sent to factory to fix… just like brand new.

    there is also another ex-display in Garden city store, WA, if anyone else interested

  • i picked up two ex-display ixus 500HS (one red and one blue) from golden grove DSE, and a brand new red olympus tough TG-820 for $96 with free 2 year extended warranty from ingle farm today. thanks OP for the heads up!

  • Do these prices revert to +25% tomorrow?

    • The camera is a clearance item so I believe the camera will stay at $98.00 or reduce in price until they've all sold.

    • It's Monday and the price for click and collect is still showing $73.50.

  • Which one is a better camera? Eos M or 1100D? Eos M is also having $150 cashback from Canon, so in terms of pricing, probably Eos M. But what about image quality?

    • I think they might both use the same sensor (confirmation needed). The advantage of the 1100 is the range of EF lenses. The advantage of the M is the size; the M was a bit of a failure commercially.

  • Got the last one from Carindale in Blue for wait for it…$60.
    Gobsmacked at how awesome it is for the price, out of the box with no adjustment it can take very clear pictures and video of ants about 30mm from lens and then zoom in to clearly read the signage down the street that I cant read with my eyes and I have great eysight.

    • What> was that the display model?

      • yes

    • Yours came with the battery already charged?

      • Partially

  • I just put in a click and collect for my local store for the red 500HS. I wonder if it will scan at $60?

  • I had a DSE store put aside the last (display model) AW100.
    Bargain at $134.
    The new AW110 is out for ~$350 and all it seems to have over the AW100 is WiFi and better water proofing. Though wifi would be handy it otherwise seems to be the same camera.

  • Is $522.75 a good price for a DSLR? Anyone have it already?

  • DSE ingle farm said the 25% off thing ended on the weekend…bummer or i woulda picked up another IXUS 500.

  • +2

    -sigh- I dont know why I am still trying to buy this canon when I already have a Canon DSLR, another Sony point and shoot, another Canon Powershot, and my Iphone 4 which I use most of the time!…I guess I am sucker for good deals….

  • I bought a red display model for 73.50 canon ixus now regretting it because i didn't know tough cams were on sale too, would have got the Olympus instead aww.

  • Was at George St, Sydney DSE today and they still have the extra 25% off all cameras.

    Saw a Sony ActionCam complete kit marked down to $325 + 25% off makes it $243.75

    Quite a few cameras left in stock but no 500HS left tho…

  • Got NIKON S3300 Digital Camera Red - XG0956 and $58.50 - NIKON S3300 Digital Camera Pink - XG0955 from Plumpton NSW store at $58.50 each! Bargain and great presents for the kids!

  • i got one and picked it up yesterday. the albany store still had a few left both red and blue available

  • What do you guys think of the image quality of ixus 500 HS?

  • I was interested in the PANASONIC V10 Camcorder Black - XG1221 for $111 but sadly it's out of stock in Hobart. However, anyone in Melbourne who wants to get a V10 can visit DSE at Mentone, where they have eight in stock*. (Stock level @ 9am Sat 27 April). Thanks to staff member Tom for that.

    • +1

      How could it be seen? The page is gone.

      • Yes, Dick had pulled the product page but staff can see stock levels in other stores. I rang the Hobart shop this morning and that's what I was told: "Eight left at Mentone".

        • +1

          I live very close. Will pick one up for you if you would like :)

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