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PlayStation 3 12GB (New Look) Skylanders Bundle $149.83 @Target


I know it's the new look PS3, and only 12GB… but this bundle seems cheap to me at half the RRP.

Hope it helps.

Also, 500GB PS3 bundle (2 games + 2 controllers) at $399 starting 24-Apr. Details in the catalogue: http://target.dynamiccatalogue.com.au/offer/ps3-consoles/500...

Edit: 12GB bundle sold out online after 30 minutes! Guess they only had a few units at that price (it was just updated around midnight).

Edit: Deal is also on in store.

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  • Took too long seeing whether it was a decent price or not. Clicked PayPal, out of stock!

    • Sorry about that. Took me quite a while to see if it was a good price, too. Was worried all the while that some late-night ozbargainer might beat me to it.

  • LOL, nice find!

  • Damn, good one for the nephews. Might check today to see if more stock is refreshed

    • They usually refresh stock levels at night after stores close (I've observed stocks change from about 8pm-11pm AEST). If you really want it, I'd suggest you drop by a store as their pricing is usually consistent.

  • Go in store professionals! 149.83.

  • Hope it comes back in stock

  • Oh - would have LOVED one of these, a good price to get into the PS3 area

  • For those that managed to get it: I bought the same package from amazon UK last year when it was on sale. The game pack itself sells for about $90 to collectors because it comes with the Blue Gnarly Tree Rex which I think can only be gotten through this bundle.

  • These are the same price in store, so check your local store if you want one.

  • If you have a store within travelling distance, I'd recommend call them and see if they can hold. As posted above I got it in store for $149.83, even though this is click and collect, there was stock in store still.

  • Sorry, anyone cares to tell me how much is the rrp and how much saving we have here?

  • WOW! That's bloody cheap!!!!!!!

  • Thanks OP plenty around the se of Melbourne. Forrest hill still have 3

  • $150 for the Bundle.
    Sell the Skylanders stuff for $70 (Conservative price)
    = $80 for a brand new, in warranty slimline Console.

    • 500Gb HDD estimate $80
    • Spare Controller estimate $50

    = $210 for a 500Gb Console, Dual Controllers - I think that's a Bargain.

    If only there was stock on the DSE PlayTV for $15 as shown on their site - that would be rocking.

    • 1tb is about $80 if you crack it out of a usb enclosure. Ps3 can't format a hard drive more than 1tb, so don't buy any bigger.

      I would either do that or get a second hand 250-320gb drive. Going for the middle ground (500gb) seems a little pointless.

    • Don't forget the HDD mounting bracket.

  • wow, great price! A 12GB console by itself is already just over $200

  • sold out…

  • Would be interested in how they advise you to do this:

    "Once you subscribe to Netflix, you can even stream movies and TV series at no additional charge."

  • Well that sure is a good price. Pity no targets around here

  • I just picked up one from Melbourne CBD - i called first and had them put it aside.
    Even got a cheap sims game for $15 too. Kids will love me when i get home :)

  • Nothing at Robina or Tweed

    Anyone know any Targets on the Gold Coast that has this?

    Edit - I rang all stores on the Gold Coast and nothing :((((((

  • Just got one from Springwood Target. Saw two other boxes on display there! So much for doing my PhD work today. Lol.

  • There were a couple left at Fremantle at the time that I rang to have mine set aside :-)

  • +1 vote

    If you haven't bought one and want to risk them still being in stock, there should be another 25% off all clearance sale this weekend coming.

  • Dam- im regretting my xbox 360 off MLN. Only bought it for gta:v's release in sept.

    Maybe i got a dud- of the 5 times i've used it, it's been so buggy. doesnt work if plugged into surge protector, freezes on login, remote doesnt connecting when tv on etc etc.

    Also: don't forget to ING paypass in 2 lot's ($99, and $49) for an extra $7.50 off!

  • what does the new look mean? is this model better or worse than the normal ps3?

  • just picked one from Perth CBD, thanks OP

  • Lots of stock at Target Sefton Park SA, just ask at the counter.

  • "Once you subscribe to Netflix, you can even stream movies and TV series at no additional charge."
    I wish!

  • any left in Melbourne CBD store?
    possible to have a price match from other stores like DSE and JB?

  • Just bought the second last one at Bondi junction. None of the 320gbs available. Bought at 2:40pm.

  • I'm so glad I slept in today and missed this deal. I ended up buying a 320GB PlayStation 3 at one of my local Targets. $189 for the better Slim model (that's out of production) with way more size is a better bargain for me. Though this one is pretty good too.

  • Many popping up on Gumtree now. Still decent value on there as people are selling them for as low as $230. Controller $75 + Skylander Giants Starter $90 = $165, so new 12Gb console works out at $65….still seems ok for those that missed out.

    • $75 for a controller?

      They are $50 or so new and delivered. So from some dodgy gumtree-er they are not more than $40.

  • Just managered to get one but when I opened it up I can't seem to find the skylanders game. Any ideas??

  • All the different PS3 models share the same compatibility with old PS1 games right? GF is trying to decide if she wants one but she's a big fan of replaying the old FF classics

  • got one from Belconnen (ACT). there were about 5 left at 1400. thanks OP

  • Got last one @ Target Country @ Noosa Heads :)
    Cheers op!

  • Just got the last two from Glenorhcy in TAS

  • Just came back from Point Cook, Victoria with a Skylanders bundle, after convincing the lady to have a look in the back. There were still 2 left (it was tempting not to pick up another!)

  • Nothing over here in Melbourne CBD. DSE unable to price match. Any store that able to price match?

  • Can someone tell me what packaging they come in? Is it a full PS3 box and full Skylanders box, just packed into one big box? Because you could sell the skylanders and make it even cheaper.

  • Thanks OP. Got one. Now, who is interested in this sky something something game with Blue Gnarly something giant something? :P

  • Anyone know what the trade in value would be for the game? Or how much I could sell it for

  • Went into my local Target, they said they were never told about the deal, they got a manager for me, he even said nope they weren't told about any such deal so it must have been an online only one, I nearly cried as I walked out :'(

  • None left in Bentleigh or Chaddy.
    Got one from Southland - there were a few more left 'hidden' in a display case with no price. Maybe that's why they had stock.
    Picked up a 2nd hand Dragon Age: Origins for 10 bucks at JB too. Might be three years old but it's new to me!

    Pity two extra Sony controllers cost the same as this whole deal…

  • Got the second last one from target Elizabeth to replace daughters faulty blu ray player

  • Hoppers Crossing still have plenty stock, be quick! 320 and 500gb sold out

  • I'm gonna get negged, but all the people buying 2+ these just to put on Gumtree or eBay are absolute scum.

    You have people like me, and others, who can't normally afford one who, when the chance comes along, can't because all these greedy people have bought them all to make more money.

    I'm not surprised but I am disgraced.

    • i'm in the same situation. I've been waiting ages for a cheap PS3 and now heaps of selfish people are buying them all to make money for themselves.

      • Wow, you're right, this is disgraceful. People are buying products, and then selling them again at a higher price rather than using it themselves.

        I'm also disgusted by fruit shops. They get up early, go to the markets and buy their produce at cheap prices, then put it in their store at a higher price. Greedy fruit shops should either eat all the fruit they buy themselves, or leave it at the markets for others.

        • Lol love it, but why fruit shops man?


          Hippocrit. Screw you.

        • @justtoreply his comment was sarcastic.

        • Hmm you probably should've disclosed that you're one of these sellers before making this post…

          Nonetheless I agree with you mostly. The free market will pay what they will bear, so if you are selling it for a $80 markup and someone's willing to pay for it then it's not that big a deal.

          Where the analogy breaks down however is when the item is in low supply but high demand. Sure you don't have to leave any for other people, but is Broden that popular with his neighbours?

    • I'm certainly with you here. I have been waiting for the PS3 console's price to go down to a reasonable level (for my hubby, not for me — not a fan of gaming, really). It's a shame that the greedy ones seem to have benefited from this the most.

      Certainly hadn't seen that coming when I posted this deal (maybe I should have!).

      • People like you make this ozbargain an awesome website. One big salute for willing to share to OP.

  • Got 2 left at watergardens

  • Isn't there a one per customer limit?

    • Someone earlier mentions seeing someone with 4, so assume not. Plus these are clearance items so think they would be corporately happy to see them go.

      • Thanks. Hope there is still stock for this or the 320gb Slim in my local Target (Eastgardens NSW).

  • Got one just before closing at Somerville, Vic. Told they still had some out back.

  • If anyone is after the Skylanders game and figurines for $50, hit me up. Didn't come in a separate box, unfortunately , but it's the exact same stuff which goes for $90 normally.

  • +2 votes

    I went to the Brisbane Myer Centre store this afternoon and had to get a staff member to scan it to get the actual price to come up. The tags above the box showed $299 but it scalled $149.83 :)

    There seemed to be one in the actual box which I got though there were more boxes (presumably empty) on display!

    Going to give this one to my girlfriend so she can play her games since her last one broke :)

  • None in Perth CBD by the way.

  • Got 3 this morning, 10 left at Target Maroochydore QLD. 1130

  • Bendigo has 4 left.

  • Please comment on stock in Sydney! Bondi junct. Sold out

  • Bribie island qld still had 8 this morning when i got 2

  • Any left in Melbourne CBD?

  • no 500gb fifa bundles in Liverpool, wetheril, bankstown in nsw.
    so got the last skylander 12gb from livo!

  • No Fifa bundles or Slim models at Castle Plaza (Edwardstown) store, but just got the last Skylanders bundle by calling the store beforehand. Morphett Vale store also out of stock.