This was posted 8 years 6 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Uncharted 3 GOTY $15 + $4.90 Flat Rate Shipping, MightyApe


oh man… I busted my ass to get this on the last sale and now it's even cheaper!
It says it's an import & the box and manual are Italian, but I believe since it is EU import (which is still PAL) there is no need to create a new PSN account to activate the online pass (not completely sure about this).

Additionally, RE Revelations for 3DS is $22 (although worth noting that HD versions will be out for PS3, XB360 and PC soon).

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Mighty Ape Australia
Mighty Ape Australia

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    +1 because I bust of alot of asses myself, if you catch my drift.

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      so you're a police officer in a high-crime area ?
      I salute any law enforcement workers excluding those in copyright & intellectual property enforcement.

    • I did hear prisons are rather rape filled.

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    Love the sticker over Drake's face!

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    $20… well if you think the shipping delay and an Italian manual are worth it then go for it. It can take 2 weeks or more to ship in the worst cases (I'm experiencing this myself).

    There's no other good deals for this game right now but I'd rather pay $6 to someone like OzGameshop who are consistent with delivery times.

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      sorry to hear about your (and several others) shipping delays, I agree that for $5 they should be doing a lot better with their shipping.
      It's been different for me though, I've ordered quite a bit from Mighty Ape and A LOT from Ozgameshop.
      Mighty Ape stuff has always arrived within 6 business days as stated and a few times I had stuff arrive in 1 business day. Maybe it's due to the large volume of stuff I've bought from Ozgameshop but I've had some bad experiences with them (but will admit, they're generally good), a few notable examples were boxes that arrived damaged, usually only slightly but one order I made arrived with a 50 cent sized (coin, not the rapper) hole in the box. Another time 2 orders I made about 3 days apart, the second order arrived first, my first order arrived a week after that.

    • There's no other good deals for this game right now

      It's ~$20 delivered (VAT removed at checkout) from

    • I received my Soul Calibur V PS3 Collector's Edition on Friday morning, after ordering the previous Wednesday. It was disappointing to not have the 2-3 days priority shipping as described, but I can't complain about the item which was in perfect condition apart from a small, forgivable dent on the outer packaging.

  • The Soul Calibur collectors edition Jack? I'm also experiencing this atm.

    • Yes, that.

      I also followed up with another order valued about $150… which of course is 'manifested'.

      They keep blaming customs, when in fact they just haven't lodged it OTC.

    • That's unfortunate :(
      I ordered on the 24th April, received it 3rd May. Shipping was longer than expected, but the game package is perfect. When did you order yours?

      • 23rd. Still 'manifested'.

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    DSE is having this for $10+Delivery or pick up for free.

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      You really should check something out before posting, that deal has been there for quite some time now and as you can see delivery is not an option anymore and local store stocks are pretty much all gone. Otherwise it would be a great deal

      I bought a few games from the Mightyape before, was my first purchase and all I have to say is that the service and delivery was very quick and professional. I ordered and got it the next day

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      Mate, this bargain is about the GOTY edition which includes:

      All previously released downloadable content
      Classic Skins Pack 1-3
      Multiplayer Accessory Pack
      Flashback Maps 1 & 2
      Drake's Deception Map Pack
      The Fort Co-Op
      Co-Op Shade Survival
      Doughnut Skin Pack
      Rogues Skin Pack 1 & 2

      Value-wise, the standard edition can't compare, especially if you want to enjoy the multiplayer mode.

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    Saw this instore at the Nunawading HomeHQ JB Hi-Fi for $10 yesterday.

    • New? Thanks for letting me know, had a friend who wanted a copy!

  • mighty ape used to be good. now very hit and miss.

    deliver times vary greatly but comparatively with old orders very slow - routinely take 2 weeks to despatch now. Also they now like to send open or different editions sometimes, and will argue about what was ordered.
    Daily deals moved to bait and switch a few months back, but because of complaints they scaled this back. Better than harvey norman fishscum and rottenguys but way behind ozgameshop currently. I gave up using them because of their new crappy style - buyer beware site now but hey some people stull use FIshscum - presumably they're genuine posters but some people like to steer others to shit companies because they can - like telling blind people its safe to cross the road while stealing their dog…………. must be some new managers in their operation.

  • Really Tempted , but if it s a hit and miss with mighty ape .. someone help with there experience with MA

    • See my comment above in reply to jackthefrost ("I received my Soul Calibur V PS3 Collector's Edition on Friday morning…")

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  • 15 pounds is like 22 bucks. How did you get $16.70?

    • It was £9.98 when I posted.

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