expired Shoe Rack, Metal $7 at Aldi (& Other Specials Starting Wednesday 8th May 2013)


Looks like I'll be picking up one of these.

Lots of other assorted home storage and food goodies on sale starting on Wednesday here:

Including a 6-shelf clothes organiser and 10-shelf shoe organiser:

…and $4 vacuum storage bags

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    got one last time this deal was up, build quality is a tad dodgy (it leans etc) but I keep mine in my wardrobe for my shoes and it works fine.


      I might stick to just the metal rack. It looks solid and just as cheap. I assume you are referring to the hanging one?


        I'm talking about the metal one. It is alright, but it does lean abit… Maybe it's just mine


          No problem; I'll keep that in mind when I check it out. Thanks for letting us know.

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    Bunnings is doing one that isn't so wide but has 3 tiers for $8 on clearance at the moment. The build quality is good and you can fit 9-12 pairs of shoes depending on how tight you pack the shelves. It's great for slipping in the gap next to a doorway being that little bit narrower.


      Nice. I might pop into Bunnings before Wednesday and have a look-see.

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          Some people don't post any deal but negatively comment

          Are you sure? You've only been here a week. What was your old username?

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    need a few of these to organise all the Plimsoles

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    Ive had one of the wardrobe hanging shoe holder for about 10 years since I left home, and its still goin. They are great.

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