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Register and Test Drive The All New Nissan Pulsar Hatch and Receive a $50 BP Fuel Card


As taken from their facebook page:

The all-new Nissan Pulsar Hatch arrives in June 2013. If you register for a priority test drive, and take your test drive before 31st July 2013, we will reward you with a $50 BP fuel card^. And if you register for a priority test drive and purchase before 31st July 2013, you’ll be going on a spending spree with a $500 EFTPOS gift card!+
^ Offer only available for customers who have registered and test driven an all-new Nissan Pulsar Hatch before 31 July 2013. Limit of one voucher per person. Offer is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Nissan reserves the right to extend, vary or withdraw this offer.
+ Offer only available for customers who have registered and purchased an all-new Nissan Pulsar Hatch before 31 July 2013. Limit of one voucher per vehicle purchased. Offer is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Nissan reserves the right to extend, vary or withdraw this offer.

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    • +15

      Dont think so JV… seems straight forward to me.
      Only thing that would put me off is the pushy car salesman… yukkkkkk … not for $50 thanks.
      Easy money for someone with an hour to kill sometime?

      • +12

        don't forget the half dozen or so follow up phone calls…

        • +1

          aaagggggghhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooooo

        • oh lawd. Salespeople are the worst

        • +1

          Dunno about follow up, I registered last time and never heard from them.

        • Hey atleast its not the "Used" car salesman. ;-)

          They are still the same.

    • +1

      Well, I haven't received anything ($50 card) from round 1 yet…

      • +1

        Give Nissan HQ a call,apparently there was a breakdown in communication between HQ and the dealers.

  • Looks Like Dates and Beam will have to try out the new pulsar!

  • +1

    Giving it a go. however I can tell that this will be painful for about 30 litres of fuel. Will try and have some fun with it though.

    • +20

      "What advantages does this motor car have over, say, a train… which I could also afford?"

      • +1

        Hahaha. Are you gonna wear a monocle as well?

    • 30 litres?

      Given BP's fuel prices, I'd say it's about 3 litres.

  • +11

    wonder if a fellow ozbargainer could pull this off. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehoa2rQbQfo

    • +8

      What, be a professional driver in partnership with the company and organise a marketing video disguised as a "prank"?

    • Wanna do it again?

  • Hopefully its a ST-S or the SSS, I think I will be bored to death in the 96kw base

    • +1

      driving the SSS in Shanghai last year they still called Tiida. was good drive. if there was 4x4 option like the GTiR would sell like hotcakes if they keep the motto keeping the price "lower" like they say on TV.

  • +1

    Driving my pulsar you can feel my pulse yaarrrrr

  • +15

    Great, waste the salesman's time who works by commission and while dealing with your inconsiderate self, misses out on a real customer.

    Most sales Managers will just hand the card over before test drive if you just admit you're not seriously looking.

    And the new Pulsar has some lousy build quality. Definitely look at the competition if you're in the market.

    • +1

      Agreed, there's a difference between hunting for a bargain and blatantly taking advantage.

    • +4

      Buy locally built cars and keep Australian jobs

      • +1

        Holden Commodore - Big Petrol guzler, cheap and crappy build quality, technologically inferior.
        Ford Falcon - pretty much the same.
        Toyota camry - large and bland, build quality meh.

        Sorry I and most Australia's don't make car purchases based on nationalism, price and quality is what makes our decisions for us.

    • +1

      See what you are saying but it is hard to feel sorry for a car salesman.

      • +2

        Well try being in an industry where no one trusts you, thinks you're lying etc. We're no different to any other salesperson. And majority of the time it's the customer that lies to us. You should see how many times a car is sold at a loss or at next to no profit.

        Misconceptions don't equal reality

  • we're in the market, curious to at least drive the Pulsar, thanks OP.

    • +1

      I was trying to convince myself that too. But really, I'm in the market for free anything.

  • +3

    Not worth the forced interest I'd have to give to the salesman/the awkwardness of bringing up the $50 voucher at the end of the test-drive.

    • so tell them at the start what attracted you to try the car.. not awkward at all. They are the ones offering the deal, you know.

    • +2

      Just mention at the start that it's very generous of them to be giving out $50 fuel vouchers for test drives.

  • I will tell them that I used to have an old Nissan Pulsar and would just like to try the new one (true). Great post OP, thanks.

  • +1

    Please don't register and test drive if you have no intention of buying the car, last time we did this we made a dealership very sad.

    • What happened :O

  • I wonder if this could work at multiple dealerships. Bargain I say.

  • Hmm, I wonder if Nissan will get Ozbargained by test drivers for these cards..

  • +2

    This won't end well :/

  • -2

    Free test drives and receive $50, cool sign me up. On the serious note, it said you have to buy the car to receive the $50 fuel voucher?

    • Nope. Read again

    • it said if you buy it you get a $500 voucher.

    • +14

      if you need free fuel then u probably should have left the audi back at the dealership

  • a quick question about this test drive -
    how many hours do you have for this test drive until you drive back to a dealer?

    • Hours??? WTF

      • You mean days?

        • +6

          You're supposed to return the car?

        • Yeah in 2016 when the New Pulsar comes out with another $50 of BP fuel. Memo noted

        • I mean - this test drive is just to drive one block around the dealer's car park?
          One block drive with one left and right turn wouldn't make me decide if I really want to buy it.
          You really want to drive property to see how you like it or not.

          I read that some dealer can give you a key and you can drive off to motor way or drive to shopping centre to try parking etc as real test. But obviously, this is not the case.

        • I mean - this test drive is just to drive one block around the dealer's car park?
          One block drive with one left and right turn wouldn't make me decide if I really want to buy it.
          You really want to drive property to see how you like it or not.

          No…. Not sure where you got your assumptions from seeing you've never test drove a car before…
          My last test drive went for about 20 mins. The sales guy will either come with you or give you the keys to drive by yourself. They'll take your contact details and copy of your drivers license from memory.

        • You can do overnight testdrives too but I don't think you can with a Nissan..

  • +1

    Just them you don't speak English or you on visa holidays!

  • +1

    Anyone else get an email today? I got one, had pre-registered when this was posted and today get this email:

    Hi Sean

    Thank you for your enquiry on our NISSAN ALL NEW PULSAR HATCH through Nissan on 28 May 2013.

    One of our New Car Consultants will be in contact shortly regarding the ALL NEW PULSAR HATCH

    Established for 33 years The Steve Jarvin Motor Group specialises in Nissan and great Used Cars.

    Please feel free to contact us on 02 9701 0000 if you require immediate assistance or need more information.

    Best regards

    Steve Watson

    General Manager

    Steve Jarvin Motor Group

    • Yep I got one of those.

  • +1

    I elected to have a call from Ringwood Nissan. From this email i just received, i'd say i'm in good hands:

    *Dear[ First_Name]

    Congratulations! There’s three reasons why you’ll be glad you found your new [Insert_Car] at Ringwood Nissan [Yarra Valley Toyota, Croyden Toyota] Online…*

    That's a personalised message right there. They also spelt their own sister dealership incorrectly, it's "Croydon"

    Are we sure this deal didn't originate from Nigeria?

  • just got called to coming in for test drive what stage they will give u the BP card ?

    • try asking them.

      • went but they dont even have the hatch there yet

        • haha - it's meant to arrive in June.

        • dont know why he want me go there today

  • So has anyone received their fuel card yet? Just did the test drive and the salesman knew nothing about it, his boss did but couldn't tell me how to redeem it but said he would get back to me.. I ended taking a photocopy of the of the demonstrator/drivers license form as proof of the test drive. I want my fuel card! Lol

    • I got a very glossy brochure in the mail that re-stated the 2 offers for fuel cards (ie $50 for a test drive, $500 if I buy the car). I'll be keeping it handy!

  • I did the test drive today and was told that it will be mailed by Nissan Australia

    • Did you get that in writing? or at the very least record it on your phone?

      • yes, recording a conversation on the phone is quite normal..

        • I take it that you don't watch The Checkout on ABC?

        • can't stand them, so no all i've seen is the segment where they were bagging Swisse vitamins

    • Can see it now… "Oh sorry, we have no record of…. yadddaaaa…

  • my local dealer isn't expecting any hatches until mid june or so.. lol bit of a fail since they rang me a week ago.

  • When asked Werribee Nissan if they have Pulsar Hatch for test drive. The salesman goes YES we do! When mentioned about the Fuelcard offer for test drive, he turns around and asks - AUTO OR MANUAL ?? Depending on what I say, he said we don't that transmission in the dealership yet. Doesn't give a good impression as it seems the offer from Nissan is not backed up by their dealerships.

  • i test drove the car, 'we don't have the fuel card redemption forms yet'! the car purchase form, now THAT form came out really fast, no problem getting that form filled out…

  • Hmm I got a call about 3 weeks ago, after CarSales sent a feedback email asking if Ive been called by Nissan yet, to which I selected no. The sales guy said the sedan is here but the hatch is not and the hatch wont be here till June, and said he'll call back in two weeks. Well, no calls from him. He sounded a little pissed imo!

  • I took a test drive today, sales assistant didn't know anything about it. So I called Nissan who assured me that every staff member should know about it, and to talk to the sales manager of the branch.

    Anyway, what he said is that all the signed forms with copies of drivers licences (the ones you give them so they'll let you drive, and that also say you're responsible for fines etc) go to their head office at the end of July and they'll do a bulk mailout of the cards in August.

    Won't hold my breath, and not inclined to call their sales manager just to tell him that his staff don't know about something…